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That’s our philosophy.

All you need to know about Zipps Liquor

Finding a liquor store nearby shouldn’t mean sacrificing selection or price. That’s why, at Zipps, we focus on offering nearly 4x the amount of beer, wine, and spirits than your small, local shop, but with prices and service that will make you smile.

Five Reasons to Love Zipps Liquor Stores


Conveniently sized stores

Since opening our first store in 1994, we have focused on superior service, affordable prices, and keeping the shelves stocked full of your favorite brands.  Zipps Liquor Stores are not overwhelmingly large like a big-box chain. When you visit a Zipps you’ll be in and out with your favorite beer, wine, and spirits in under 6 minutes.


Big savings to your favorite liquor

Enter the vortex that is Zipps Liquor Store – where you feel like you’re in a mom and pop shop, but you’re getting big-box liquor prices! Seriously, though, since the beginning we have focused on providing rural communities with realistic price tags that are always 10 to 30 percent cheaper than your average neighborhood liquor store.


Texas based

Check the map! A Zipps Liquor Store may be nearby. We are even expanding our footprint as you read this… Do yourself a favor and don’t drive 30+ minutes just so you can afford your beloved brand of booze.


Stocked to the wall

We have 3 to 4 times the inventory of beer, wine, and alcohol than your average small-town store. Come see for yourself – we’re stocked from the windows to the walls. Not to mention our Beer Cave, which is full of the top brands, as well as the best-selling craft beers. Oh, and because we haven’t sold you enough already, we have barrel selections.


Friendly, local managers

Our friendly staff has earned an average of 4.7/5 stars rating out of 1000+ reviews! With one manager acting as a familiar face at your local store, you’ll feel right at home. Just think, they may even have your regular fix waiting ahead of time… If you’re, you know, that regular.

Need more information?

Your questions are very important to us! Please feel free to reach out, and check our FAQs page for more information.

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