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Zipps Liquor is proud to be your favorite local liquor store in Jacksonville, TX. We provide rural communities with 10 to 30% lower prices, 4.5/5 star service, and 3 to 4 times the inventory of your favorite beers, wines, and spirits than your average neighborhood liquor store.

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  • Jacksonville, TX Geography

    Jacksonville, TX is located at 31°57′49″N 95°16′07″W in Cherokee County, Texas, United States. It is the county seat of Cherokee County, as well as a major city in the Tyler–Jacksonville region.

    Jacksonville is located in East Texas, north of the county seat, Rusk, and south of Tyler, in Smith County, adjacent to U.S. Route 69. The east–west U.S. Highway 79 runs adjacent to the city’s downtown area, intersecting the north–south Highway 69.

    Jacksonville, TX is 14.20 square miles in size, with 14.19 square miles of land and 0.01 square miles of water.

    The elevation of Jacksonville, Texas is 518 feet. The topography in the 2-mile radius of Jacksonville is minor, with a maximum elevation change of 292 feet and an average elevation above the sea of 521 feet. Within 10 miles and 50 miles the city also has modest variations in elevation.

    Artificial surfaces (36%), trees (32%), and cropland (31%) cover the region within 2 miles of Jacksonville. Within 10 miles, there are forests (46%) and farms (45%). The region is covered with crop fields (46%) and trees (41%) in the 50 miles radius.

    Lake Jacksonville is situated at southwest of Jacksonville, TX at a distance of 3 miles. It is the city’s most important water source. It is a well-known destination for recreation and housing. It was built in 1957, and the municipality anticipated it would take years to fill with water from the neighboring streams. However, with an exceptionally wet season, the lake filled completely in a year.

  • The History of Jacksonville, TX

    Jacksonville’s history began on the eastern bank of Gum Creek in 1847. In the next year, after the construction of a house and blacksmith shop in the region, Jackson Smith was named postmaster when Gum Creek’s post office was established. Dr. William C. Jackson began practicing medicine in a residence near to Smith’s workshop not long after. Therefore, Smith had a townsite and square plotted near his home in 1850.

    Jacksonville was chosen as the name for the new settlement since it was on Jackson Smith’s property and Dr. Jackson was one of the first to settle within the survey’s boundaries, according to local residents. So, in June 1850, the post office’s name was altered from Gum Creek to Jacksonville.

    The International-Great Northern Railroad was completed through Cherokee County in 1872, but it missed Jacksonville by a few miles. The city’s residents negotiated with railway officials to look for a new townsite along the tracks. The majority of the original Jacksonville was relocated two miles east to a new site on the tracks in late 1872.

    The Cherokee Sanitarium, which opened in 1919 and served the city as the Newburn Memorial Hospital until late in the decade, is still in operation. The first school in the Jacksonville, founded in 1846, was the second school established in the county. In 1873, a private institution called The Jacksonville Collegiate Institute came into existence. Jacksonville had a public school system by 1892. The Baptist theological seminary opened in 1957, and Jacksonville College began operations in 1899.

    Agriculture has long been the major driver of the Jacksonville economy. From the 1880s until 1914, Jacksonville was a significant peach production center. After that, tomatoes were king until the 1950s, and the town became known as the “tomato capitol of the world.”

  • Jacksonville, TX Climate

    Summers in Jacksonville, TX, are hot and suffocating. Winters are brief, chilly, and wet, with a high proportion of cloudiness throughout the year. The temperature varies from 39° to 94°F throughout the year and is rarely below 27°F or above 100°F on average.

    From June 2 to September 20, the summer season lasts 3.6 months and has a daily high temperature of more than 86°F on average. August is the hottest month in Jacksonville, with an average high of 93°F.

    From November 26 to February 23, the cold season lasts 2.9 months and has a daily high temperature below 64°F. January is the coldest month of the year in Jacksonville, with an average low of 40°F.

    Clouds in Jacksonville, TX

    Over the year, the percentage of the sky that is covered by clouds varies significantly in Jacksonville.

    The clearest portion of the year in Jacksonville is from May 28 to November 21, when there are 5.8 months of weather clearness. October is the clearest month in Jacksonville, with skies being generally clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 70% of the time on average.

    The cloudier half of the year has 6.2 months, it begins on November 21 and ends on May 28. The month with the greatest cloudiness in Jacksonville is February, when the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy 48% of the time on average.

    Precipitation in Jacksonville, TX

    The rainy season lasts 3.8 months, beginning on March 15 and ending on July 9, when there is a greater than 28% chance of any given day being a wet one. The month with the most wet days in Jacksonville is May, with an average of 10.4 days where at least 0.04 inches of rainfalls.

    The dry season, which lasts 8.2 months, begins on July 9 and ends on March 15. Jacksonville experiences the fewest wet days in September with an average of 7.0 days that have at least 0.04 inches of rain.

    The month of May in Jacksonville has the most days of rain alone, with an average of 10.4 days. Rain is the most prevalent form of precipitation throughout the year, with a peak probability of 35% on mid-June.

    Humidity in Jacksonville, TX

    Humidity comfort levels in Jacksonville, TX are defined by the dew point because it determines whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, cooling the body. Lower dew points feel drier, while higher dew points are more humid. Dew point, unlike temperature, changes at a slower rate, so while the temperature may drop at night, a muggy day is generally followed by a muggy night.

    From April 26 to October 14 in Jacksonville, TX, the muggier period of the year lasts 5.6 months, during which time the comfort level is muggy, oppressive, or worse at least 23% of the time. July is the month with the most humid days in Jacksonville, with 27.9 muggy days.

    January has the fewest muggy days in Jacksonville, with 0.4 days that are muggy.

    Wind in Jacksonville, TX

    The wind is highly sensitive to local topography and other factors, with instantaneous speed and direction variations greater than hourly averages. The average hourly wind speed in Jacksonville varies little throughout the year.

    The windy season, which lasts for 7.0 months and begins on October 25, features average wind speeds of more than 6.9 miles per hour and ends on May 26. March is the windiest month in Jacksonville, having an average hourly wind speed of 8.2 miles per hour.

    The calmest month of the year in Jacksonville is August, with an average hourly wind speed of 5.6 mph for 5.0 months, from May 26 to October 25.

    The typical hourly wind direction in Jacksonville is from the south all year.

    Best Time of Year to Visit Jacksonville, TX

    The best time to visit Jacksonville for general outdoor tourist activities is on the clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. As a result, the optimum period to go to Jacksonville for recreational pursuits are from April to June and September to October, with a high point in the first week of October.

    The clearest, rainless days with apparent temperatures between 75°F and 90°F are the ideal time to go for beach/pool. The peak score in Jacksonville’s beaches and swimming activities is from May to early September, with a high-point during the last week of June.

  • Drinks in Jacksonville, TX

    Texas is known for its rich history and culture. It is also famous for its unique food and drinks. Jacksonville, TX has some of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the world. Drinking in Texas is often associated with country music.

    Jacksonville is mostly known for its liquor stores and breweries. One of the most popular liquor stores in Jacksonville is Zipps Liquor. We are a well-established company with plenty of Jacksonvilles in Texas. We offer competitive pricing on both domestic and imported spirits and have a wide variety of craft beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages. We also offer knowledgeable service that can help you find the perfect drink for any occasion.

    There are so many different types of drinks that are popular in Jacksonville, TX, including liquor, beer, wine, and cocktails. Liquor is one of the most popular drinks in Jacksonville, TX. There are a lot of different types of liquor that can be found at the stores in Jacksonville, TX. Some popular types include whiskey, gin, and vodka. The liquor stores have a wide variety of options for customers to choose from when they go shopping for their favorite drink. They offer many choices when it comes to flavors and brands with prices that vary depending on the type of drink you want to buy.

    You can find a wide variety of beer brands at the stores, and they come in different types such as light, regular, or low-carb. Wine is also one of the most popular types of drinks in Jacksonville, TX for its lower alcohol content than other types of alcoholic drinks. The cocktails that are popular in Jacksonville, TX include the margarita and martini. Some of the best brown spirits are made right here in Texas.

  • Jacksonville, TX Local Communities

    Jacksonville is served by the Jacksonville Independent School District, which runs all of the city’s public schools. The district’s only high school, Jacksonville High School, has “Fightin’ Indians”/”Maidens” as team mascots for its sports teams.

    The Baptist Missionary Association of America is a Christian organization that owns both Jacksonville College and The Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, which are both in Jacksonville, TX. Until 2012, Lon Morris College, a Methodist Church-owned private junior college, was also in Jacksonville.

    US 69, US 79, US 175, SH 135, SH 204, FM 347, FM 768, FM 2138, and Loop 456 are some of the major roads that go through and connect with the city of Jacksonville. However there are no Interstate highways that pass through the city limits.

    Union Pacific is the only one rail line in Jacksonville, after three railways once served the area (Southern Pacific and Cotton Belt abandoned their tracks in the mid-1980s).

    Jacksonville’s main airport is the only one that serves general aviation. Commercial air travel may be obtained by traveling north to Tyler Pounds Regional Airport in Temple with an American Eagle flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Another solution is driving 132 miles on U.S. Route 175 straight to either Dallas Love Field or DFW.

    Overall, the city of Jacksonville is an excellent place to live.

  • Local Events in Jacksonville, TX

    Jacksonville, TX has a lot of fun events happening every year. Read on to learn more about the local events that are sure to entertain locals and visitors alike.

    Visit the annual Tomato Fest to commemorate Jacksonville’s agricultural history, or be inspired to don your finest cowboy gear at our rodeos or a livestock show.

    Every year on July 4th, the Independence Day Lake Fireworks Spectacular is held at Lake Jacksonville. Residents and tourists from all throughout East Texas race to find the ideal spot to witness a spectacular concert of neon flashes and resonant booms as fireworks create a pyrotechnic tapestry over Lake Jacksonville on Independence Day.

    The extraordinarily clear water of Lake Jacksonville adds a reflective aspect to the spectacular aerial artwork illuminating the East Texas sky, making the dynamite show at 9 p.m. doubly spectacular.

    River Run’s Muddin’ for a Cure is an annual event that takes place in Jacksonville, TX. Participants can choose from two different routes: a 2.5 mile course or a 5 mile course. Both courses involve plenty of mud and obstacles.

    The Jacksonville 150th Anniversary Street Dance will be a blast! There will be music, food, and fun for all. The highlight of the night is when the Jacksonville Mayor and City Council took the stage to celebrate the city’s 150th anniversary.

  • Places to Visit in Jacksonville, TX

    Jacksonville, TX is a vibrant metropolis with beautiful scenery, delicious food, and plenty of exciting things to do. So get ready to visit Jacksonville for a journey that will undoubtedly make your vacation must-dos.

    Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the thirty-mile view from Love’s Lookout State Park. Then go for a cruise on Lake Jacksonville, a 1,300-acre boaters and fisherman’s paradise with crystal-clear waters, and see the Independence Day fireworks.

    Explore Neches River National Wildlife Refuge’s animals and paths on 7,000 acres of land. Test your four-wheeler skills at River Run ATV Park, play a local course or take a Serengeti-style safari from your vehicle, or dare a Zip-Line journey.

    Begin your journey in Jacksonville, and enjoy must-try eateries and wineries nearby, as well as hidden gems such as the Vanishing Texana Museum’s collection of Caddoan-Mississippian relics and, the site of the Killough Massacre.

    If you’re looking for a liquor store in Jacksonville, Texas, there’s a Zipps Liquor store on US-79. It’s open every day from 10 am to 9 pm. There is a great selection of beers, wines, and liquors, and they also have cigarettes and cigars. We also have a variety of snacks and drinks, including soft drinks, energy drinks, beer, and wine coolers.

    If you’re looking for a place to buy alcohol in Jacksonville, Texas, Zipps Liquor is the place to go!

  • Venues in Jacksonville, TX

    Jacksonville, TX has a number of venues that you can use to host your wedding or other special events. Whether you’re looking for large ballrooms and spacious auditoriums, or small reception halls and elegant rooms, there is likely a Jacksonville venue that will perfectly suit the needs of your event.

    Check out some great venues in Jacksonville, TX, and its surroundings.

    • Castle On The Lake – 9110 US-79, Jacksonville, TX 75766, United States
    • The Legacy – 782 CR 1511, Jacksonville, TX 75766, United States
    • The Wonderland Pines – 980 Co Rd 1705, Jacksonville, TX 75766, United States
    • Ruby Wedding Chapel – 625 College Ave, Jacksonville, TX 75766, United States
    • The Ruby Ballroom – 707 College Ave, Jacksonville, TX 75766, United States
    • The Fiesta Barn – 4334 FM 235 E, Jacksonville, TX 75766, United States


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