Discount Wholesale Liquor

Need to buy discount wholesale liquor for your bar or restaurant in Texas?

On average, our customers save 10% on their monthly alcohol purchases.

Bar and Restaurant Owner

Why choose Zipps as your local wholesale liquor distributor?

  • We save our customers, on average, 10% on their monthly alcohol purchases through high volume purchases and sourcing multiple vendors
  • We will be upfront with you when we can’t beat a price or where we are not competitive
  • You’ll have a phone number, a dedicated representative, and a solution usually in the same day
  • Want help with knowing what to carry or how much to order? With over 30 years of experience, we’ll guide you in the right direction without over-ordering
  • We will have you in and out the door in under 15 minutes
  • We understand as a restaurant manager or assistant manager, you can’t leave your venue too long. That’s why we make sure that before you arrive, we:
    • Offer you a generous pickup window (spanning multiple days if necessary)
    • Double check your order
    • Organize inventory in line with your invoice for easy checking
    • Have payment processing ready to go
  • Many vendors will substitute items in your order for similar ones when out of stock, especially those that are high margin for them
  • We never substitute without your permission and do not push our own products, we get you what YOU want
  • Need something we don’t carry? Whether you need 1 bottle or 1 case, we can get it for you usually within a week
  • We accept most forms of TABC-validated electronic payments, including ACH Payments via Fintech
Who We Service

Who We Service

  • Bar & Restaurants
  • Events & Venues
  • Hotels
  • Corporate Purchases

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Have questions? We’ve got you covered.

Check out our Liquor Distribution FAQs section below.

Can I get a price sheet?

Pricing fluctuates regularly due to vendors, distributors, geography, etc., which is why we cannot post our pricing. Please give us a call, or fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with a price sheet.

If you’re looking to move from your existing wholesaler, we will do our best to match and/or beat their pricing.

What kind of license or permit do I need to purchase from a liquor wholesaler like Zipps?

According to TABC laws, you can only buy hard liquor from a wholesaler or distributor if you have certain types of permits. If you have only a Beer and Wine permit you cannot buy hard liquor from any wholesaler or distributor. TABC laws require you to have Mixed Beverage permit in order to buy liquor from a wholesaler.

You can apply for Mixed Beverage permit through the TABC website.

Will you deliver wholesale orders to our location(s)?

Yes! Delivery availability depends on the customer’s location, order size, and frequency.

Note, there may be a delivery surcharge depending on order.

What kind of license or permit do I need to purchase from a liquor wholesaler such as Zipps?

Mixed Beverage Permit (MB)
Private Club Registration Permit (N)
Private Club Exemption Certificate Permit (NE)
Mixed Beverage Restaurant Permit with FB (RM)
Mixed Beverage Late Hours Permit (LB)

Do I need any special permit to pick up liquor from Zipps and transport it back to my place of business?

Yes. You need a Beverage Cartage Permit (PE) or Local Cartage Permit (E) in order to transport liquor in your vehicle back to your business.

What kind of items do you carry?

Click here for a list of the top brands we carry.

What method of payment do you accept for wholesale? Do you accept credit cards?

Cash or Check only. Or Fintech payments.

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What are our clients saying?

“I have consistently relied on Zipps Liquor for all my wholesale liquor needs. Their variety is simply unmatched, and the prices are highly competitive.”

– Laredo Smith

“Partnering with Zipps Liquor for my wine and spirits store has been one of my best decisions. Their selection, pricing, and service are unbeatable. A big thank you to Zipps Liquor for their consistent service and quality.”

– Mason Dixon