Drink Calculator for Parties

Help! How much alcohol should I buy for my party?

Our Drink Calculator for parties will help you figure out exactly how much liquor you’ll need to purchase for your event or party

Drink Calculator For Parties

Based on 2 Drinks per person
1 drink every hour after that.

How to use:

  1. Tap the bar to select the length of your event
  2. Input how many people are coming
  3. Tap the bar to put a percentage of beer you estimate your guests will drink
  4. Then, lock the percentage by clicking the lock icon
  5. Repeat this process with wine and liquor
  6. Ta-da! Now you know how much liquor you need to buy for your party!

1 hour



unlock 20%


That is roughly:

0Bottles of liquor

0Bottles of Wine

0Assorted Beers

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