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Our liquor store in Gun Barrel City, TX is located on Gun Barrel Lane, off of Main Street, just past the Lowe’s Home Improvement store. We’re proud to serve all of our customers including our neighbors from Eustace, Enchanted Oaks, Aley, and Styx, TX.


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Zipps Liquor is proud to be your favorite local liquor store in Gun Barrel City, TX. We provide rural communities with 10 to 30% lower prices, 4.7/5 star service, and 3 to 4 times the inventory of your favorite beers, wines, and spirits than your average neighborhood liquor store.

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Gun Barrel City, TX Geography

Gun Barrel City is a small town in the northwest of Henderson County, close to Mabank. It’s near Cedar Creek Lake, on the eastern coast. Seven Points is also in close proximity to Gun Barrel City – they’re both cities on the eastern coast of Cedar Creek Lake.

The town is located on State Highway 334, which goes west to Seven Points and east to U.S. Route 175 between Mabank and Eustace. Highway 334, also called Harwell Street Road in this area, runs east to west through the northern part of Gun Barrel City. It branches north to Mabank and south 15 miles to Malakoff. US 175 runs south from Gun Barrel City to Athens, the county seat of Henderson County. The distance is 18 miles southeast via US 175.

Gun Barrel City has a total area of 6.62 square miles, of which 6.25 sq mi of land and 0.37 square miles are covered by water. Its elevation is 351 ft.

The topography within a 2-mile radius of Gun Barrel City is mostly flat, with a maximum height difference of 79 feet and an average elevation above sea level of 336 feet. Within 10 miles, the terrain is also flat having about 226 feet in elevation. Only small changes in elevation are found within 50 miles (676 feet).

Within a 2-mile radius of Gun Barrel City, water (41%), agricultural land (37%), and manmade surfaces (21%) predominate. The cropland (63%) and water (16%) predominate within 10 miles, and trees (14%) predominate within 50 miles.

The time zone for Gun Barrel City is UTC−6 (CST). Its summer time zone (DST) is UTC−5 (CDT). The ZIP code for Gun Barrel City is 75156.

Gun Barrel City, TX

The History of Gun Barrel City, TX

Despite its name suggesting a Texas wild-wild-west history, Gun Barrel City is just 54 years old. The community that had been located on the banks of Cedar Creek Lake (a reservoir for the Tarrant Regional Water District) took steps to become a city not long after it was finished.

On May 26, 1969, the town of Gun Barrel City was founded. Since then, it has evolved into a major portal and landing point for visitors to Cedar Creek Lake. Gun Barrel City and its surroundings have experienced a residential construction boom in recent years, as well as a significant increase in tourism (particularly during the summer boating season). The influx of retirees from all over the Dallas region has helped to fuel the growth. Many have relocated to take advantage of Gun Barrel City’s lake access and build lake homes.

Randal Tye Thomas, a 21-year-old entrepreneur and newspaper publisher, was elected mayor of Gun Barrel City in May 2000. However, one year later, he became the target of a community outcry following a grand jury indictment for one count of misdemeanor perjury and being arrested by the Gun Barrel City Police Department for public intoxication at the same time. So he resigned. All of the criminal charges were ultimately dropped. Thomas was interviewed on the national NPR program This American Life, and his community received attention in a number of local, state, and nationwide publications. Thomas moved to Dallas in 2002 where he died in 2014.

In 2008, the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Go Texan program recognized Gun Barrel City with a Certified Retirement Community designation. On two separate occasions, the city has also won second place in the governor’s Community Achievement Awards, which are presented by the governor’s office.

Gun Barrel City, TX Climate

Summers are hot and stifling in Gun Barrel City. The winters are chilly, wet, and windy. And it is constantly overcast. The temperature typically ranges from 38°F to 95°F throughout the year, with highs rarely dropping below 26°F or rising above 101°F.

The summer season lasts 3.5 months, from June 3 to September 19, with temperatures averaging above 87°F every day. August is the hottest month of the year in Gun Barrel City, with an average high temperature of 94°F, occasionally rising above 101°F, or having a low of 73°F.

The cold season lasts 3 months, from November 25 to February 24, with a daily average high temperature below 64°F. January is the coolest month of the year in Gun Barrel City, when temperatures reach an average low of 39°F, occasionally dropping below 26°F, or going to a maximum high of 57°F.

Clouds in Gun Barrel City, TX

Over the course of the year, the average proportion of the sky covered by clouds in Gun Barrel City varies significantly.

From May 28 through November 21, the clearer part of the year in Gun Barrel City lasts 5.8 months. October is the clearest month of the year in Gun Barrel City, with 70 percent of the sky clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy on average.

From November 21 to May 28, the cloudier half of the year extends for 6.2 months and is characterized by a lot of rain. February is the cloudiest month in Gun Barrel City, with an average sky that is overcast or mostly cloudy 46% of the time.

Precipitation in Gun Barrel City, TX

To define a wet day, 0.04 inches of liquid or equivalent precipitation is required. The frequency of wet days in Gun Barrel City varies throughout the year.

The wet season in Gun Barrel City lasts 8.4 months, running from October 16 to June 28. There are 27% chances of each day being a wet day. May is the month with the highest number of rainy days in Gun Barrel City, with an average of 10.7 days including at least 0.04 inches of rain.

The drier season in Gun Barrel City lasts 3.6 months. It begins on June 28 and ends on October 16. January has the fewest wet days in Gun Barrel City, with an average of 6.2 days having at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.

In Gun Barrel City, rain may be seen at any time of year. May is the month with the most rain in Gun Barrel City, with an average precipitation of 4.1 inches. July is the driest month in Gun Barrel City, with an average rainfall of 1.7 inches.

Humidity in Gun Barrel City, TX

The muggy season in Gun Barrel City lasts for 5.6 months, from April 24 to October 11. It’s at least 24% humid, oppressive, or unpleasant on average. July is the month with the most humid days in Gun Barrel City, with 28.5 days that are hot and/or muggy.

January is the month with the fewest humid days in Gun Barrel City, having 0.2 days that are muggy.

Wind in Gun Barrel City, TX

The average hourly wind speed in Gun Barrel City varies significantly over the year, with significant seasonal variation.

From October 25 to May 28, the windier season lasts 7.1 months and has average wind speeds of more than 9.4 miles per hour. March is the windiest month in Gun Barrel City, with an average hourly wind speed of 11.1 miles per hour.

From May 28 to October 25, the calmer season lasts 4.9 months. August is the calmest month of the year in Gun Barrel City, with an average hourly wind speed of 7.7 miles per hour.

Throughout the year, the average hourly wind direction in Gun Barrel City varies considerably. For 1 week, from January 1 to January 8, and for 1.6 weeks, from January 18 to January 29, the wind comes from the north at a peak percentage of 37 percent on January 22. The south wind is most frequent throughout the year, with a duration of 1.4 weeks, from January 8 to January 18, and 11 months, from January 29 to January 1, when it reaches a peak percentage of 71 percent on July 14.

Best Time of Year to Visit Gun Barrel City, TX

On clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures of 65°F and 80°F, the ideal moment for tourism is during the spring and fall seasons. The optimum months to go to Gun Barrel City for recreational activities like hiking are April to June and September to October, with a high point in the first week of October.

The ideal days to go to the beach or pool are clear, cloudless days with temperatures between 75°F and 90°F. So, for hot-weather activities, the finest time of year to visit Gun Barrel City is from June to September, with a high point in the last week of June.

Drinks in Gun Barrel City, TX

Texas is known for its rich history and culture. It is also famous for its unique food and drinks. Gun Barrel City, TX has some of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the world. Drinking in Texas is often associated with country music.

Gun Barrel City is mostly known for its liquor stores and breweries. One of the most popular liquor stores in Gun Barrel City is Zipps Liquor. We are a well-established company with plenty of Gun Barrel Citys in Texas. We offer competitive pricing on both domestic and imported spirits and have a wide variety of craft beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages. We also offer knowledgeable service that can help you find the perfect drink for any occasion.

There are so many different types of drinks that are popular in Gun Barrel City, TX, including liquor, beer, wine, and cocktails. Liquor is one of the most popular drinks in Gun Barrel City, Texas. There are a lot of different types of liquor that can be found at the stores in Gun Barrel City, TX. Some popular types include whiskey, gin, and vodka. The liquor stores have a wide variety of options for customers to choose from when they go shopping for their favorite drink. They offer many choices when it comes to flavors and brands with prices that vary depending on the type of drink you want to buy.

You can find a wide variety of beer brands at the stores, and they come in different types such as light, regular, or low-carb. Wine is also one of the most popular types of drinks in Gun Barrel City, TX for its lower alcohol content than other types of alcoholic drinks. The cocktails that are popular in Gun Barrel City, Texas include the margarita and martini. Some of the best brown spirits are made right here in Texas.

Gun Barrel City, TX Local Communities

Gun Barrel City is home to a number of small communities. These communities offer residents a sense of belonging and support, and they provide many amenities and services that make life easier for residents.

One of the most notable things about these communities is their focus on helping residents stay healthy and fit. Another important aspect of these communities is their commitment to education. Many of the city’s schools offer excellent educational opportunities, and there are a number of private schools that offer challenging curriculums.

Gun Barrel City, TX is also home to a number of businesses and organizations that provide residents with a variety of services. These businesses and organizations include banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations. In addition, the city has a number of parks and recreation areas that are perfect for spending time with family and friends.

Mabank Independent School District serves Gun Barrel City, Texas. Southside Elementary, Central Elementary, and Lakeview Elementary are the city’s primary schools. In the fall of 2007, a brand-new high school was established. The new campus is adjacent to the old high school in Mabank. Lakeview Elementary School (Gun Barrel City), Mabank Intermediate School (Mabank), Mabank Junior High School (Mabank), and Mabank High School are all serving Gun Barrel City.

The Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a group of resident executives and business owners who are committed to bringing new investment and assisting in the growth of local enterprises. The Gun Barrel City EDC is supported by a $.0025 sales tax with a seven-member board and one employee.

Overall, the city of Gun Barrel City is an excellent place to live.

Gun Barrel City, TX communities

Local Events in Gun Barrel City, TX

Gun Barrel City, TX has a lot of fun events happening every year. Read on to learn more about the local events that are sure to entertain locals and visitors alike.

DJ Cynthia is excited to host her Dance Party on Zoom. This party will feature the top hits of the last 20 years, club music, Latin music, and reggae vibes. Admission is free, so mark your calendars and join us for a night of fun!

We The Medicine – Healing Our Inner Child 2022 is a guided meditation used to help open the heart. This can be especially beneficial for those who have experienced trauma or hardship in their lives. By bringing compassionate attention to our inner children, we can provide them with the love and support they need to heal. In doing so, we also cultivate these qualities within ourselves.

“Meet a Black Person” is an arena for people of all races to form closer connections with one another, regardless of their cultural or doctrinal backgrounds. To end racism, white America must address this issue. The Black community is important in sharing a true history and experience with whites and other non-Blacks.

Gun Barrel City, TX events

Places to Visit in Gun Barrel City, TX

Gun Barrel City, and its surroundings have many places to visit. If you’re a history buff or just looking for something interesting to do on your next trip to the state of Texas, Gun Barrel City is a great place to explore.

Tom Finley Park is a beautiful park located in Gun Barrel City, TX. The park has a playground, a pavilion, and a fishing pier. It’s the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with your family.

Gun Barrel City Park is a great place to take your family for a day of fun. There are plenty of things to do, including the playground, fishing in the pond, and hiking the nature trails. The park is also home to a number of beautiful gardens, which are perfect for a relaxing stroll.

The Gun Barrel City Pavilion is the perfect place to enjoy a day out with family and friends. The pavilion offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and other fun activities. There is also a covered pavilion with picnic tables and grills that make it a great spot to relax and take in the beautiful view of the lake.

If you’re looking for a liquor store in Gun Barrel City, Texas, there’s a Zipps Liquor store right on Gun Barrel Lane, off of Main Street, just past the Lowe’s Home Improvement store. It’s open every day from 10 am to 9 pm. There is a great selection of beers, wines, and liquors, and they also have cigarettes and cigars. We also have a variety of snacks and drinks, including soft drinks, energy drinks, beer, and wine coolers.

If you’re looking for a place to buy alcohol in Gun Barrel City, Texas, Zipps Liquor is the place to go!

places to visit in Gun Barrel City, TX

Venues in Gun Barrel City, TX

Gun Barrel City, TX has a number of venues that you can use to host your wedding or other special events. Whether you’re looking for large ballrooms and spacious auditoriums, or small reception halls and elegant rooms, there is likely a Gun Barrel City venue that will perfectly suit the needs of your event.

Check out some great venues in Gun Barrel City, TX, and its surroundings.

  • Firefly Gardens – 5410 East Us Hwy 287, Midlothian, TX 76065.
  • CR Legacy Event Center – 2205 W Main St, Gun Barrel City, TX 75156.
  • Stone Oak Venue – 10204 Co Rd 3807, Murchison, TX 75778.
  • Anding Acres Wedding Venue – 113 N Murchison St, Athens, TX 75751.
  • Cedar Cove Ranch & Resort – 14283 Co Rd 3905, Eustace, TX 75124.
venues in Gun Barrel City, TX

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