5 Great Christmas Cocktails for Christmas Dinner

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With all the build-up and anticipation around Christmas, it can be difficult to remember all of the little things you have to do: take the kids to sit on Santa’s lap, buy thoughtful gifts for in-laws you’re still working to win over, and prep for Christmas dinner. Christmas dinner is one of my favorite meals of the holiday season; the big hustle and bustle is over, and now you can finally sit down, have a drink, relax, and not worry about the other family gatherings to come.

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked our five favorite Christmas cocktails to concoct along with your next Christmas dinner:

Dirty Shirley

If you grew up drinking the sweet, bright red Shirley Temple that’s a favorite amongst kids, then you’re sure to enjoy this adult version. The adult version – the Dirty Shirley – takes the classic kids drink and spices it up with some grenadine, ginger beer, and vodka. This drink, as you’ll remember from childhood, is definitely on the sweeter side. But – you’ve had a long holiday season, so it’s alright to treat yourself. Plus, those New Year’s resolutions are still a few days away, so enjoy this sweet drink while you’ll still feel good about it.

Old-Fashioned Eggnog

To keep in the festive spirit, here’s a recipe for old-fashioned eggnog. It has you make the eggnog – eggs, heavy cream, and milk – and then combine it with spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. To top it all off, some dark rum thrown into this mix makes this old-fashioned eggnog all the more enjoyable.

Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

You can skip out on making dessert for Christmas Dinner and just go for this Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe instead. It adds a twist (of bourbon) to the classic, decadent Mexican hot chocolate recipe. Dulce de leche adds some extra creaminess, and the cinnamon sticks add a little kick of spice and also make you feel quite festive.


If you’re going for a more glamorous Christmas dinner, considering crafting one of those delicious and elegant Peppermintinis. There are two steps to this. First, you melt chocolate and pour it onto a plate and then crush up bits of peppermint onto another plate. You dip the rims of the martini glasses in chocolate first, and then in the peppermint pieces. The melted chocolate gives the peppermint pieces something to hold onto. Pour the rest of the chocolate into the martini glass and top with the liqueur, schnapps, cream and vodka. Need I say more?

Cranberry 75 Punch

If you’re trying to feed and provide drinks for a crowd of people at Christmas dinner, consider going the route of punch. Instead of continuously pumping out individual cocktails (because who has time for that), you can make one big batch of punch and then not have to think about drinks the rest of the evening, so you can focus on the food and enjoying the company. This Cranberry 75 Punch combines cranberries and cranberry juice with gin, clementines, and sparkling white wine. The sparkling wine gives the punch a fizzy, refreshing take on your classic bowl of punch.

Whatever cocktail you decide to whip up for Christmas dinner, Zipps Liquor has all the ingredients you’ll need. Head on over to your local Zipps Liquor today for all your wine, beer, and liquor needs this holiday season.

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