5 of the Best Boozy Holiday Activities for Adults

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The holidays are a great excuse to get together for some drinks with friends and family. Holidays aren’t just for the kids to enjoy; there are plenty of booze-filled holiday activities for adults too. Consider trying one (or all!) of these activities with your friends and family this holiday season.

Seeing the Neighborhood Lights

Around the holidays, many houses are adorned with decorations. There are light-up reindeers, plastic Santas on roofs, and Christmas lights strung between windows. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas during the holidays, it can still be fun to check out the lights around your neighborhood or city. We’ve found that it’s especially lovely to walk around and look at the lights while having a Hot Toddy (mixture of bourbon and tea) in hand. 

Playing in the Snow

If you are lucky enough to have a white and snowy holiday season, you should definitely take advantage of it! Sledding, and shooting down some hills on innertubes, can be made even more fun with a swig of warm whiskey beforehand to warm you up. If you prefer to have a more laid-back time in the snow, you can always build a snowman! After you put a carrot on the snowman for the nose and help him don a fitting hat, get inside and next to a fireplace to enjoy a nice wintry cocktail. You can even bring your drink in a thermos while you build your snowman.

Chatting with Family

Catching up with relatives over the holiday season can be a blast. Nothing helps the conversation flow quite like a drink or two. Consider assembling a boozy hot chocolate if you’re in the mood for a winter-themed drink. Spike your hot chocolate with any liquor of your choice. Some good combinations with hot chocolate are Kahlua, Rumchata, or Whisky.


Christmas Movie Drinking Game

“Love Actually”, “Home Alone”, and “Elf” are just a handful of Christmas movie staples that are great to watch with a drink in hand. Why not play a drinking game while watching these films? When you find yourself sitting down to watch a Christmas movie this holiday season, check out Buzzfeed’s list of drinking games for Christmas movies. It involves rules like drinking every time the ‘naughty or nice list’ is mentioned in “Elf”, or taking a drink every time the dad cusses in ‘A Christmas Story’.But, be careful not to accidentally find yourself marathoning a bunch of Christmas movies, or else you might be in trouble. 

Build a Gingerbread House

It’s often said that inspiration strikes while in the shower. Inspiration and creativity strike after a glass of wine. When you’re in the mood to craft a wild, wacky, and fun gingerbread house this holiday season, try doing so while drinking. You might be surprised at what sorts of ideas pop into your head! This is what Esquire has dubbed “cooking under the influence, Holiday Edition”. You can also browse the internet to find some inspiration on how to cleverly use bits of food to decorate a clever gingerbread house. Here’s one slideshow for some ideas. 

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