5 Tasty New Years Eve Cocktails

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and it’s important to turn the page into a new year on the right note. Plus, this New Year’s Eve brings us into the new decade, the roaring 2020’s! Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve event at your home, watching the ball drop at Times Square on the television, or having a drink before you go out for the evening, we’ve compiled five of the best New Year’s Eve cocktails for you to enjoy. Since it is the start of the 2020’s, these cocktails are all themed from the 1920’s. 

Top 5 New Years Cocktails

Bee’s Knees

This Bee’s Knees cocktail is an easy one to make. You just take a shot of some good gin, your preference of brand, and pour it into a shaker filled with ice. Top off the gin with just a splash of honey syrup. Then, gather a fresh lemon and squeeze about ¾ oz of lemon juice into the shaker. Mix it all together, strain, and pour into a cocktail glass to serve. This link from Liquor.com includes a recipe on how to make your very own honey syrup! Plus, this drink will keep for quite some time in the refrigerator, so you can whip it up a few days before the party and take one thing off of your plate to do the day of.

Gin Rickey

This drink originates from the early 1900s, and is a refreshing, carbonated drink infused with gin. Also, this drink is super easy and you only need three easy to acquire ingredients. According to this recipe from Spruce Eats, grab a shot of gin, about two tablespoons of lime juice, 2 shots worth of club soda. Mix it all together, and then use a slice of lime as a garnish. To add even more lime-forward flavor, take the lime slice and rub it on the rim of the glass.


This is a classic bourbon cocktail that even survived the era of Prohibition. To make this according to the standard recipe, you’ll need bitters, ice cubes, simple syrup, a shot of whiskey, a slice of orange, and a maraschino cherry. Some add a shot of water to it as well, to dilute down the taste of whiskey. Don’t do this if you’ve got nice whiskey! But, it’s a nice touch if you’re working with cheaper whiskey and want to make a delicious cocktail.


The sidecar is an iconic cocktail; plus, it’s very unique! This recipe outlines how to make it. You’ll need about a shot of Triple Sec, a shot of Cognac, half a shot of lemon juice, two tablespoons of sugar, and a cup full of ice. Spread the sugar on a plate, and rub the lemon wedge on the rim of a glass to moisten it up. Then, dip the glass in the sugar so the sugar lines the rim of the glass. Fill the glass with ice, and pour in the liquor (Triple Sec and Cognac). Add the lemon juice, and stir it all together. Some strain it and then pour it into a martini glass.


If you’re a fan of both Daiquiris and Manhattans, and can’t decide between the two sometimes, then this drink is for you. The Scofflaw is a combination of the two drinks, and originated in 1924 in a bar in Paris. To make this, you should take a shot of whiskey, a shot of dry vermouth, half a shot of grenadine syrup, and half a shot of lemon juice. Mix it all together in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake together. Add a splash of bitters, and strain into a glass.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for New Years Eve cocktails. And, whichever cocktail you’d like to make to ring in 2020, head on over to your local Zipps Liquor for all of your liquor needs.

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