5 Upcoming Events in Nacogdoches, TX

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No matter what hobbies you may be interested in, there are plenty of events in Nacogdoches to entertain you.

If you are up for some music, history, food, parades, arts, and pie-eating contests, Nacogdoches is the perfect location. You can enjoy these sorts of activities (and more) from September until the year’s end.

The town of Nacogdoches is considered to be the oldest town, founded by Don Antonio Gil Y’Barbo in the late 16th century. With so many people and cultures that have passed through the town, the town is filled to the brim with history and stories to share with the world. To celebrate the heritage of this town is also to educate the locals, visitors, and generations to come.

Nacogdoches has lots of festivities for everyone, so grab yourself a mug of Texas beer, put on the iconic cowboy boots, and enjoy these upcoming events:

The G & S Gun Show

Well, Texans are known for their cowboy boots, guns, and hunting tactics – all of which is on display at the G & S Gun show on the 28th of September -29th September 2019. The G & S Gun show is a promotional platform for various vendors to showcase their ammo, firearms, and carrying equipment. So if you are a gun lover and looking for a place to discuss your firearms and ammo knowledge, then you have to attend the G & S Gun Show

This buy and sell weapon trade show has everything, from firearms of the last century to some high-tech gadgets and personal weaponry. The event, although a gun show, also caters to knife enthusiasts and showcases a wide array of hunting and tactical blades.

Admission into the venue is $8 per person and persons must be 18 years and older. The venus ie open from 9 – 5 pm on the first day and 9 – 4 pm the next day. Servicemen are welcome to the event with a discounted $6 admission fee.

The Nacogdoches Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally

The Nacogdoches homecoming takes place on Wednesday, September 25th and starts at 6 pm. All groups partaking in the event are expected to line up at the corner of Mound Street and East Main Street by 5:30 pm.

This year, the parade Grand Marshal is NHS Alumnus and former NFL player Kynan Forney. He is heading the parade, which is themed ‘Roaring 20s’ in honor of the seniors and graduating class of 2020.

The parade becomes a pep rally once it reaches the convention and visitor bureau, where the Nacogdoches High School band, cheerleader and drill team will wow visitors. All shops and stores along the route to the convention ground are expected to decorate their fronts. The decor will be judged and winners will be announced during the pep rally.

The Celebration of Life 

The Cason Monk-Metcalf Funeral home is the oldest funeral home and surviving business in Nacogdoches. During this year’s upcoming event, the funeral home will be receiving a special ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Chamber of Commerce to commemorate 125 years of servicing the people of Nacogdoches. The event will be held on the 28th and will be looking into the past, featuring topics on how the funeral home started and where they are today.

Take a look back at history and celebrate life with the Cason Monk-Metcalf Funeral Home.

Free Supper – First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Church is an event for singles, seniors, and families to attend a sermon and worship session with a full range of program and opportunities to understand the word of God. The event is held on the 26th of September and is a fun activity where you are free to express your mind while you enjoy a free supper.

Art Lessons – Piece Makers Studio

Nacogdoches has arts that encompass all areas – music, culture, and paintings. If you love making art with your hands, then walk to Piece Makers Studio for some art lessons. Starting on the 27th of September at 4:30 pm, the event caters to kids, adults, beginners, and pros who want to learn art skills such as pottery, basket weaving, or painting.

Come in for a day of fun and laughter as you enjoy what Nacogdoches, TX has to offer to the world. 

If you need a drink before any of the upcoming events (like a glass of wine before some painting), head on over to your local Zipps liquor store.

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