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September is here, and Californians are excited because September is their wine month!

It is a season of harvest, festivals, concerts, wine tasting, and food all throughout the month. The California wine month is a period where you can savor, sip, and swirl your favorite wines in California.

It’s a period that is filled with lots of activities, and a period where wineries and every region of the state will be busy harvesting and celebrating their festivals and wines. The wine month is the time when the country displays the finest of their agricultural produce (their wine, obviously), and it is the country’s signature – signifying their beautiful culture and lifestyle.

Understandably, lovers of wines can’t wait for the wine month to come! It’s hard to wait to savor the taste of the different wine flavors produced in California.

There are so many ways that the winos can have fun and enjoy the wine month, to the fullest. Below are just a few ways:

Consider your preference

While in California for the wine month event, you need to know your preferred choice of wine because there are lots of wineries in the state. Alas, it might be difficult to try them all. Try to know the kind of wines you like to drink, and what kind of experience you are looking for, so you can enjoy your time in California.

Look for fun events

The California wine month offers a series of fantastic, fun events that one can choose from,  ranging from the grape stomp parties to wine-tasting parties, dinners, harvest tours, and many more exciting activities.

However, if you don’t want to soil your feet, you can avoid the grape stomping party and go for another fun activity. The truth is, there is never a dull moment during the California wine month! There are always fun events to attend, so choose the perfect one for you, and enjoy the party.

Be ready for a few costs

While thinking of having fun, you should be prepared to part away with a few bucks. The cost of tasting wines varies according to the winery. So, it is better to research the different wineries and their tasting value, so you don’t meet any surprises along the way.

Make appointments

Make a list of the wineries and places you would love to visit and book appointments with them, so you don’t get flustered when you arrive and it’s too crowded to seat you!

Some wineries allow you to walk in anytime without any bookings, while some have strict policies and can’t let anyone step into their winery.

Try to make bookings so you can have an uninterrupted, enjoyable time.

Limit your stops

As a wino, you might want to visit every winery in California during wine month.

This can be overwhelming and pretty taxing. So to avoid problems in the future, try to limit your winery stops to about three or four wineries.

That way, you can take the time to enjoy the wine and get a real feel for it, without just rushing around. 

Stay hydrated and well-fed

Don’t go out wine tasting on an empty stomach! Otherwise, you might feel the wine too strongly, or get too exhausted before the day is over.

Try to eat well and stay properly hydrated and, if possible, carry a water bottle with you so when you feel thirsty, you can have a sip. 

Don’t be afraid to spit

Don’t ruin your fun by forcefully swallowing a wine that doesn’t go down well with you; it is okay to spit out if the wine you tasted is not your preferred choice of wine, and your host will not feel offended.

During the wine tasting, spitting is normal and the most seasoned winos do it, so don’t be shy to spit.

Have fun

This is the best part of the month – having fun. There are lots of parties to attend, dinners, concerts, etc. So try to have as much fun as you can, drink excellent wines that suit your taste, and explore the beautiful state of California.

Are you a wino that can’t wait to have fun during California wine month?

Then above are just a few tips to help you have fun during the period. While having fun, you will also get the opportunity to meet with the winemakers and learn a lot about their wines.

They will be glad to take you through the history of their winemaking and sometimes also sample lots of delicious food that goes alongside their wines. This pairing usually happens during the harvest dinner party; therefore, it is a must for you to be there.

Besides, you will meet with other winos like yourself and get acquainted with them. In California, you have no reason to doubt the wines because they produce the best wines ever. You will surely enjoy your time there! Keep a date with the California wine month, and every moment you spend there will be worth your while.

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