Alcohol Consumption Laws in Hempstead, TX

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Texas has some of the strictest laws concerning alcohol in the United States. With almost every community in the state of Texas, there are different rules that guide its citizens against excessive consumption of alcohol.

The city of Hempstead has taken steps to protect its citizens from the negative impact of alcohol by enforcing punishments for anyone who breaks the law.

Some of the worst potential results of excess consumption are accidents due to reckless driving and abuse. In a worst-case scenario, death or disability can be the final result.

These all point to the potentially dangerous influence of excessive alcohol consumption

Are you aware of these laws? Below are some rules and regulations concerning alcohol consumption in the city of Hempstead, Texas that you should be aware of:

Legal age for alcohol consumption

The legal age for alcohol consumption in Hempstead, Texas is 21. Persons 21 years of age also allows you to purchase and consume alcohol publicly and below are allowed to consume alcohol in the presence of an adult, parent, or guardian. This is because the law recognizes them as minors and is trying to prevent over drinking or incidents associated with excessive consumption of alcohol.

The guardians or parents of these minors involved in accidents or any form of injury or misbehavior because of excess alcohol are held responsible for their actions.

To avoid problems, it is best to keep your minor away from alcohol altogether, until they are of legal age.

Consumption of alcohol in public

Hempstead laws permit residents to consume alcohol in certain public places. One can drink alcohol while strolling on the streets, but you are not allowed taking alcohol around a church, school, or public park. 

Although you are permitted to drink alcohol while strolling, drinking to the point of intoxication is highly prohibited.

Drinking and driving

Every state forbids drinking alcohol and driving, as that is the primary cause of many highway accidents. It is absolutely against the law to have too much alcohol in your system while driving, or even have an open can of alcohol in your car. It can send you to jail in Hempstead, TX. If your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal limit, you’ll end up in jail immediately. 

Alcohol in a bar

Consuming alcohol in a bar is very reasonable and not prohibited in Hempstead. But, what the law does not permit is being publicly intoxicated. Once you have too much to drink in a bar, you might not be able to control what goes on around you anymore. You could start a fight or cause a commotion in the bar, which isn’t a good thing.

The people who serve drinks in a bar can serve as many drinks to their customers as they want. They also need to consider if customers are overly inebriated. Past this point, they can get into trouble for serving drunk customers any additional drinks.


One important thing you should always remember is to drink responsibly. Use your head while drinking, so you don’t get intoxicated. Even if the law permits you to consume alcohol in certain places, the law doesn’t permit becomingly publicly drunk. For instance, you can drink in front of your property, but not intoxicate yourself and cause problems in the neighborhood.

If you reside in Hempstead or plan on going on a vacation it is important that you know the alcohol consumption laws. That way, you won’t get into trouble and will be sure to not break any laws. 

You have now an understanding of the alcohol consumption laws in Hempstead, Texas.

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