Craft Beer vs. Commercial Beer: Who’s the Winner?

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craft beer vs draft beer

Last year, more than 9,000 breweries were operating in the US — and that number is growing quickly every day. As a result of this growth, craft beer and commercial beer have become more popular than ever before. 

Whether you are a beer lover or not, beer will always be part of the conversation. You might wonder, what is the difference between craft beer and commercial beer?

Craft beers are made by small and independent breweries. They typically have unique flavor profiles, intense aromas, and a wide range of ingredients in their recipes. 

On the other hand, commercial beers are produced by large-scale breweries that use mass-production techniques to make their beer. These beers usually have fewer ingredients than craft beer and are lower in alcohol by volume.

However, regardless of these facts, the craft beer versus commercial beer conversation is an ongoing debate. Many people are passionate about one or the other, and it can be hard to decide which is the better choice for you. 

What People Love About Commercial Beers

commercial beer

Compared to craft beers, commercial beers are virtually available everywhere. Many people find comfort in their availability and affordability, as these beers are often sold at cheaper rates than craft beer. 

Plus, the wide variety of cans, bottles, and kegs makes it easy to find commercial beers on the shelves almost everywhere you go.

Besides that, many people also enjoy the traditional taste of commercial beers. These beers are usually light-bodied, with a smooth and crisp finish, making them very easy to drink. This makes them great for those just beginning to explore the world of beer, as they don’t have to worry about overly complicated flavors or high ABV content.

What People Love About Craft Beer

craft beer

Craft beer is all about interesting and complex flavors that appeal to beer enthusiasts. The craft beer industry is constantly innovating and experimenting with new ingredients and brewing techniques, so you can expect to find some unique flavors.

Besides that, many people also love the fact that craft beers often have a higher ABV than commercial beer. This means that craft beers can pack a punch and give you a bigger kick, which many people enjoy.

Differences Between Craft & Commercial Beers


The taste of craft beer versus domestic beer can be attributed to the difference in production techniques. Craft beers are often made using traditional brewing techniques, which result in a more complex and flavorful beer.

On the other hand, commercial beers are created with mass-production techniques that focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Alcohol Content

Commercial beers tend to have a lower ABV than craft beers. This is because the production methods used for commercial beers focus on producing more beer in less time, so there is often less time for fermentation, and the end product has a lower alcohol content.

On the other hand, craft beers typically have an ABV of 5.9% or higher. That means you will get a stronger kick from craft beers, which can be great for those looking to enjoy a fuller flavor experience.

Cost & Availability

Regarding cost and availability, commercial beers usually win out. Commercial beers are produced on a much larger scale than craft beers, so they are often cheaper and more widely available in grocery stores or convenience stores.

On the other hand, craft beers are a bit more expensive and often harder to find. However, if you know where to look, you can find some great deals on craft beer that are well worth it.


draft beer vs craft beer

Brewers have been crafting beer for centuries, and it shows in the range of flavors and styles available today.

Whether you’re a fan of commercial beers or craft beers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to use this guide and experiment with both craft and commercial beer to find what suits your palate best. 

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