Five Delicious Fall Beers to Try

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A change in season nearly always results in a change in cravings – especially in regards to beer. With the transition from cooler and crispier days, It’s nice to opt for beers that go with the weather change.

Beer brewing in fall is an interesting and special activity requiring that special flavors, spices, and ingredients. They are infused into the making of strong, malty, heavy, dark and delicious fall lagers and ales.

Such spices in the fall often include nutmeg, ginseng, cinnamon, ginger, maple, apple, pumpkin, cumin, toffee, allspice, and cloves.

There are so many breweries rolling out different types of fall beers. There are also some top dark and delicious fall beers that every beer lover should try out. Here is a list of our top five flavorful and delicious fall beers:

Samuel Adams Octoberfest

With a beautiful and rich appearance of deep golden amber coupled with a malty and fruity flavor that is heavy and leaves a smooth tingling sensation on the tongue, Sam Adams Octoberfest beer is a well-brewed beer. Sam Adams Octoberfest beer is a refreshing, tasty, barely bitter, crispy, tongue friendly, averagely carbonated, and all-round delicious fall beer. It can be served with roasted chicken and dumplings on special family gatherings such as Thanksgiving.

Southern Tier Cold Press Coffee Pumking

Cold Press Coffee Pumking beers are one of a kind. They go through a detailed and extensive brewing process, which results in the making of strong, delicious, chocolatey and tasty beer. Southern Tier Cold Press Coffee Pumking beer is a copper-colored beer that emits the taste and aroma of different ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, spicy dried grass, pie crust, spice, cloves, vanilla, and milk. This is not just a delicious beer, but a fall beer that you won’t regret drinking. A swig of this unapologetic awesome fall beer tastes just like having pie for breakfast!

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale 

For beer lovers who would love to have a pumpkin beer without actually having a concentrated taste of loads of spices and sugar, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale is the best beer for you. This beer is brewed with a fantastic combination of different ingredients. This amber chestnut colored fall beer is spicy, warm, crispy, and delicious. 

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 

Birthed from a grand collaborative effort of one of the best breweries in America and Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery, this crispy, delicious, and fruity fall beer is the real deal. With an orange-amber color and a sweet and spicy taste, the Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest is a malty fall beer that transcends other beer with its unique earthy, herbal and grassy taste. Brewed with non-toasty flavors such as toasted bread, biscuits, this beer is your perfect partner on any fall night. 

Bells Best Brown Ale

With a murky brownish appearance, this fall beer exudes an aroma of hops, molasses, toasted malt, milk, berry tarts, coffee, cedar, and fruits. Although the Best Brown Ale is a fall beer that holds its own when it comes to keeping its drinker warm and fuzzy during the cold fall weather, it is not a heavy drink on the palate. Rather, it’s light and smooth as fall beers should be. 

Fall beers are not brewed only to satisfy the thirst and cravings for fine brew alone. But also to keep beer lovers warm and cozy during this chilly season. Fall beers are brewed with distinctive, unique, spicy, and flavorful ingredients to give it the perfect taste and aroma of fall! 

You can pick up a wide collection of fall beers at your local Zipps; you don’t need a pumpkin-spice latte when you can get a pumpkin-spiced beer!

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