Five Delicious Wines for Fall

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For the next three months, we’re making some changes to our wardrobes: throwing in some more oranges and reds, spicing up our coffee drinks (pun intended), and pulling our fuzzy socks from the depths of the socks drawer. That’s right – autumn is officially upon us. Although wine is always in season, the change in weather can result in some changes to your wine taste buds too.

Without holding out on your taste buds any longer, here are the 5 most delicious wines you should try this fall: 

Route du Bonheur Grenache 

Going down the list of legendary wines, we stumbled upon this Rhone-style blend of quality vine. The berry-flavoured wine, despite its relatively high alcohol content, is gentle on the palate. One glass of this compilation of old Shiraz vine presents you with a strawberry aroma, spicy red taste, and dry finish. What more can you ask from a grenache? 

The Pinot Project 

As expected, pinot noirs had to be on the list, since they’re the go-to wines for fall. This particular brand of pinot is undoubtedly a project well done. The smooth silky content of the bottle is one that cannot be limited to meals or occasions. Per industry standards, the wine is handcrafted from completely ripe grapes. This is evident in the aroma. What’s even more enticing is the dark red colour that graces the wine glass when this wine is poured out. With a dash of sweetness, this pinot noir teases your thirsty palate and leaves it wanting more. 

Daou  2016 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 

Cabernets are widely known for their Bordeaux varietal, but this one is a blend of Sauvignon, Vendor and Merlot. The Californian wine is rich in taste, comprised of cherry, blackcurrant, and cedar flavours in every drop. Apparently, the makers of the wine spent quite some time destemming and skinning the grapes to have come up with such a graceful wine. In the same spirit of redness, the reserve wine flaunts a dark red hue. Overall, it goes the extra mile to leave some of that colour on your tongue. 

2016 Sterling Calistoga Zinfandel

Before we continue, we’d like to give a shout out to California for gracing our shelves with tons of good wines. This Zinfandel from Harry Hansen is the perfect vintage wine for fall. Made from properly soaked and fermented grapes, this Calistoga wine would go down well with almost any dish.  In addition to the grapes, the Primitivo boasts a rich blend of berries, cherries and plums with oak flavour too (French and American oak at that).

Quinta da Romaneira Syrah 

In a bid to bring you the finest fall wines without bias, we went all the way to Portugal (not literally). The Douro wine is a soft blend of cumin and cinnamon that fills your nostrils almost as soon as you lift the wine glass to your lips. With a perfect balance of elements, the velvet coloured wine mix can drown oenophobia (a fear of wines) in just one sip. Hours later, your taste buds will still be under its influence. 

There are lots of wines from the pinot noir, cabernet, zinfandel, and syrah collections. But, we handpicked some of the bunch for lack of space. You could try out other brands from the lot if you want more than just one new autumnal wine. We’re confident you’d make the right choice. 

Regardless of how fast you want to dive into fall, Zipps liquor has excellent wines for you to enjoy this fall!

Visit your local Zipps Liquor store to stock up on your favorite beer, wine, & spirits!

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