Gin vs. Vodka: How Do They Compare?

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gin vs vodka

Which do you prefer, a gin or vodka martini? How do they compare with each other? These are just some of the questions you may ask when it comes to the topic of gin and vodka.

Read this short guide to learn what gin and vodka are, their differences and similarities, and where to get these liquors and other spirits in Texas.

What Is Gin?

Gin is a colorless, distilled spirit made from grain mash and flavored with juniper berries. Its name was derived from the word genèivre, a French translation of juniper berry. There are various gin types, including the more famous dry gins from Great Britain and the United States and the full-bodied types from the Netherlands. 

Gin was created by the Dutch and made famous by the English. Today, gin is enjoyed and made in every part of the world. The Netherlands, the UK, and Spain are some countries that have the highest consumption of this distilled spirit. 

The older styles of gin have a sweeter taste, while the modern ones decrease the concentration of juniper berries and focus more on other herbs and flavors. Gin generally has a mixed taste of spices and citrus. This beverage’s most popular and produced style is the London dry gin. The Plymouth, Old Tom, and New Western dry are other gin styles. 

difference between gin and vodka

How To Drink Gin?

Gin is often consumed straight, on the rocks, or mixed with other drinks. The Dutch are known to enjoy this drink straight, using a small glass specially made for this beverage. In cocktails, martinis, Tom Collins, gimlets, and gin and tonic are the more common mixes. 

What Is Vodka?

gin or vodka martini

Vodka is a distilled spirit that is clear in appearance and traditionally made from potatoes and grains. The different varieties and styles of vodka come from Russia, Sweden, and Poland, but Europe and the U.S. have also been part of the vodka market. While it is more common for vodka to be unaged, some styles are aged to enhance the flavor.

Vodka typically lacks a recognizable taste or aroma. The difference in vodka style is mainly characterized by “mouthfeel,” the texture of the spirit on the tongue. 

Some vodka has a silky and oily texture with subtle sweetness, while others have a watery, clean texture with hints of a medicinal flavor. Although vodka is known to be odorless or lacking in taste, you’ll distinguish the subtle differences between flavors if you have consumed enough of this liquor — or if you buy a flavored vodka.

How To Drink Vodka?

Generally, vodka may be enjoyed as a long drink or a shot. Either way, it’s usually consumed straight or stirred with ice. 

Vodka’s lack of distinct flavor makes it an ideal ingredient in cocktail mixes like the cosmopolitan, bloody mary, screwdriver, and vodka martini. Flavored vodkas have also risen in popularity, with flavors ranging from vanilla, citrus, berries, and even chocolate.

Similarities and Differences Between Gin & Vodka

Gin and vodka are distilled spirits that are both clear in appearance and made from grains. It’s easy to confuse one with the other at first glance. However, the biggest difference between gin and vodka is that they do not taste the same. 

While vodka is known for lacking a distinct flavor, gin has a taste rich in botanical flavors. Gin is produced by distilling grain or malt with botanicals and juniper berries, while vodka is produced mainly from distilled wheat or potatoes.

If you are conscious of your caloric intake and want to see the winner in the “gin vs vodka calories” category, you will be pleased to know that both drinks have similar caloric content of about 100 calories. Another similarity between gin and vodka is that they are used in most cocktail mixes.

gin vs vodka calories

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