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Whether you are a visitor in Nacogdoches or you are a local, the fall has a lot of artsy things happening that everyone can attend and enjoy.

Such fall events include: watching plays showing in theatres, exploring plant varieties, visiting galleries for exhibitions, and lots more.

Whatever you do, don’t just limit yourself to events! Some of the lovely places around Nacogdoches are even more engaging during the fall. Moreover, you should strive to experience it all if you care about great fall activities to do in Nacogdoches.

As Texas’ first city, activities in Nacogdoches include a lot of exciting things to keep visitors engaged. Whether you are interested in the history of the town or the present bustle, there is undoubtedly an event on this list that you should attend. 

Let’s explore all the fun fall activities in Nacogdoches!

Azalea garden 

Do plants interest you? Perhaps you have heard about different types of Azaleas? Either way, this garden is a thrill. You get to see different kinds of Azalea plants, and they are beautiful.

Many people come here in the spring to witness a bloom, not knowing that the gardens are even as appealing in the fall. Get engaged in a beautiful stroll that is both fun and engaging. This recommendation comes regardless of whether you are exploring it alone or with someone else.

Fabulous fall plant sale 

Another event for those interested in plants – the fabulous fall plant sale is an annual event that takes place on the 5th of October at Pineywoods native plant center.

This isn’t just a regular plant sale hosted by Austin University’s SFA gardens, this sale features a lot of rare Texas-tough plants! It is a great place to come if you’d like to know about the plants. Plus, it’s a great place to get yourself something you won’t find at just any garden.


An activity for every member of the family is the ArtFest, featuring lots of fun for everybody, including your kids!

It is an opportunity for artists of all kinds to come and display their skills to visitors. At the end of the ArtFest, there is a community picnic at Eugenia Sterne Park to help visitors relax just before the Music Fest at 8 pm. 

There is no larger ArtFest in Nacogdoches, and this happens only once a year! This year, it occurs on the 21st of September. It is thrilling, exciting, and all-around entertaining for everyone, including kids. Don’t be scared of coming in your car, as parking will be available. 

SFA School of Theatre showing ‘The Wolves’

The play for mature audiences features Sarah de’Lappes coming of age. It runs from the 1st of October to the 5th. It is a thrilling play featuring interesting conversations and decision making. Tickets to the play have different prices, dependent on the category of the audience.

Although this is not a family activity, it is a great event to go to alone or with friends, as it’s a mix of entertainment and some lessons to be learned. 

Repair Café 

A Repair Cafe is an event where you go home a little better off than how you came.

In fact, it is a community event where you fix your own broken objects. You are advised to bring with you small, broken things from home. Then, you get them fixed at this event. There are volunteer coaches, and you get to fix things together. The repair event is engaging, and the fun is in fixing things and then taking them back home with you!

Minecraft Challenge 

This is a challenge exclusively for kids. Sorry adults, but you have to sit this one out. The Minecraft Challenge happens once every month from September to December. It is for kids between the ages of 7 and 17 years. It is free, and kids get to play the video game. The winner of the challenge is rewarded with a feature in their Minecraft video. 

Trekking to Texas 

If your interest lies in historical richness, ‘Trekking to Texas’ is a great way to get immersed in the history of the city. The free event on the 12th of October allows you to take a hike down the El Camino Real while learning about history.

It’s a family event that can be enjoyed by everyone – just remember to wear the right shoes and come along with some water. 

These seven events only scratch the surface of what Nacogdoches has to offer this fall, and there is a lot more to do this season that will keep you engaged. Don’t be scared to explore activities outside your interest. You might just discover that you like something you never would have known before. 

To make these events even more enjoyable, have a drink beforehand. Stock up on everything you need from your local Zipps.


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