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Rum is my favorite spirit to drink to get into the holiday spirit! It’s a delicious concoction created via the distillation of sugarcane molasses or juice. This liquid is then aged in oak barrels that give so much rum that beautiful amber color. But I probably don’t need to tell you all this – if you clicked on this article, the chances are that you’ve got someone in your life who’s an avid lover of rum. If you’ve got an appreciator of rum on your shopping list this holiday season, consider one of these gifts for them. Here are our top gifts for rum lovers.

Shot Glass Checkers Game

Best played on teams (for the sake of everyone’s livers), this Crystal Clear Checkers Shot Glass Bar Game Set is exactly what it sounds like – a checkers game board where each piece has been replaced by a shot glass to be filled with rum. The game comes with 12 regular, clear shot glasses and 12 frosted shot glasses to help distinguish the teams. However, the great thing about rum is that isn’t even necessary: you can play light rum vs dark rum!

Candy Cane Edible Shot Glass

Although this might result in some repulsion from some of the more refined rum drinkers, this set of peppermint-flavored candy cane edible shot glasses is sure to put anyone in a more festive mood. Plus, if the giftee doesn’t think they’ll personally use these, they can serve as the best party favor for a future festivity.

Cocktail Cookbook

This “One-Bottle Cocktail” Cookbook is sure to delight anyone on your holiday gift list that likes to spice up their rum cocktails. Luckily, this book is broken down into sections by the spirit (vodka, gin, rum, etc.), so rum lovers can skip right on over to the rum section. All of the recipes are rather simple; they just include your rum of choice and then simple ingredients. To go the extra mile this holiday season, you should consider getting some of the ingredients for one of the rum recipes to go along with the book. 

Rum O’Clock

This clock is not your ordinary clock. It’s a chic, minimalist clock that has replaced the number ‘8’ with the word ‘rum’, so you can be sure to never miss rum o’clock. However, most people might argue that rum o’clock actually comes quite a bit before 8pm. Either way, the rum lover on your shopping list will definitely have a laugh at this funny clock.

Rum Truffle Recipe

If you know a rum lover who is also a fan of chocolate, you might be able to save some money this holiday season by making at home some rum truffles, following this recipe from All Recipes. Plus, food gifts can be great for the people in your life who are trying to slim down on material goods à la Marie Kondo. 

Rum-themed Socks

As giftees get older, they start to actually appreciate sock presents! If you need a less expensive gift to meet a Secret Santa price limit, to stock a stuffing, or because you’ve got way too many extended family members to purchase for this year, consider this “If You Can Read This, Bring Me a Rum & Coke” pair of socks. It has a chic design, with the wording on the bottom of the feet to keep it discrete (and so not too many people end up obliged to bring over a rum and coke!).

The best gift for rum lovers, however, is just a good ole bottle of rum. Head on over to your local Zipps Liquor for all of your liquor, wine, and beer needs this holiday season.

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