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Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be very stressful. It’s even harder if the person you’re shopping for seems to have everything they want. If you have found yourself searching for the perfect gift for the vodka lover in your life, then you have come to the right place! We have made it easy and done all the work for you. Here are our top holiday gifts for vodka lovers.

Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow mules are a classic vodka-based drink. Buy this set of four, premium, and handcrafted copper Moscow Mule Mugs. It comes with copper straws and a shot glass to boot. These copper mugs have a smooth lip for easy sipping and are very durable. They are even easy to clean so that your vodka lover can focus more on sipping on a great drink than worrying about clean up.

Vodka Decanter Set

If your loved one loves to host, then think about buying them this personalized Vodka Decanter Set. This high-quality decanter makes it easy to make whip up any concoction for guests. It comes with two matching glasses, and each piece is engraved with a full name and initial in an ornate design. 

Infused Vodka Kit

This fun, easy, and quick Infused Vodka Kit has everything they’ll need to try a hand at infusing booze. Your loved one will have a blast making their own infused vodka. All they need to do is grab a bottle of distilled vodka, throw in their favorite fruits or herbs, and then strain. It’s that easy. This takes any mid-grade vodka and turns it into a masterpiece. 

Grey Goose Tumblers

If you are looking for something environmentally conscious, then take a look at these Grey Goose Tumblers. These tumblers are made from re-claimed Grey Goose vodka bottles. They make a great conversation piece and are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Wall Art

This black, blue, and white vodka quote print Wall Art is everything your loved one didn’t know they needed. The funny wall decor quote would be great to hang anywhere and comes in a variety of sizes, so you have many options to choose from.

Cocktail Bitters Sampler Pack

There are over 100 varieties of bitters, so why not give your loved one a small taste from this Cocktail Bitters Sampler Pack? Cocktail bitters are spirits infused with flavors from plants, fruits, or spices. These all-natural and organic samples will be sure to open up some taste buds.

Vodka Candy

Does your vodka lover also have a bit of a sweet tooth? These Vodka Candy drops are made with real vodka and are every bit as yummy as they look.

Bloody Mary Kit

What’s not to love about a good ole fashion bloody mary? This mouth-watering Bloody Mary Kit has everything from pickles to hot sauce to make the perfect savory cocktail.

If all else fails, stop by Zipps Liquor to grab a bottle of vodka. Employees are there to help you with any questions you may have and can even give you some recommendations on what bottle to buy for the vodka lover in your life.

Visit your local Zipps Liquor store to stock up on your favorite beer, wine, & spirits!

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