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It’s just about that time of year again to start browsing for holiday gifts for friends, family, and the occasional coworker for Secret Santa. Gift ideas can be hard to brainstorm, especially when you don’t know your coworker that well or you haven’t seen your cousin in a few years. But, there’s one thing that many people have in common: a shared appreciation and love for good wine

When you’re shopping for someone that you know is a wine-o. Here are some gift ideas for them that go beyond just buying a bottle. Getting something a bit more than a bottle of wine shows that you really put some thought into it. It will help them enjoy their wine more. Plus, you can always throw in a bottle of wine for good measure.

Without further ado, here are our favorite gifts for wine lovers:

Wine Aeration Straw

There’s one real downside to drinking too much wine (aside from a potential hangover the next morning), and that’s when you stain your teeth or lips red!.

Having stained lips and teeth for an evening is embarrassing. Additionally, staining your teeth with wine regularly can lead to more long-term, tougher teeth stains that can’t be removed without a dental visit. When you have to get a gift for someone who isn’t willing to part with their red wine, consider buying them a Wine Aeration Straw. It keeps your teeth protected from potential stains, so they can stay whiter for longer.

Wine Bottle Lock

If you have to buy a holiday present this season for someone that is notoriously possessive of their wine, check out the different types of Wine Bottle Locks available. Some have combination locks. This not only prevents others from getting into the wine bottle when they shouldn’t be opening it (looking at you, teenagers), but can also be difficult for people that are too inebriated, providing a helpful deterrent to that hangover the next morning.

Wine Bottle Glass

There have been a couple of ideas that debuted on Shark Tank that have been awesome, but this one definitely takes the cake. This wine bottle glass is a glass that attaches to the end of your wine bottle. It makes it so you don’t even need to pour the wine into a glass; you can just guzzle straight from the bottle. It’s airtight, so you don’t have to worry about leaks from the bottle.

Wooden Wine Bottle Puzzle

A staple of many childhoods was the ‘money in a puzzle’ presents, where you were gifted a bill inside of a puzzle. In order to retrieve the money, you have to solve the puzzle. It was a clever way of making a bland gift of money seem way more interesting; plus, it was extra rewarding when you had to work for it! This wooden wine bottle puzzle is just like that, except it swaps out the money for a bottle of wine. In order to open the wine bottle, you have to solve the wooden puzzle. 

Wine-opoly Board Game

If anyone on your holiday list would like to learn about wine, and not just drink it, then consider this Wine-opoly Board Game. It’s in the same style as the classic Monopoly game and 2-6 people can play. While playing, you learn facts about wine!

To pick up a bottle of wine for the wine lover in your life this holiday season, head on over to your local Zipps Liquor, where the shelves are stocked with wines from around the world.

Visit your local Zipps Liquor store to stock up on your favorite beer, wine, & spirits!

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