Hosting The Perfect Labor Day Party

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There’s nothing more satisfying than celebrating all your months of hard work with your family and friends by hosting your own Labor Day party. It is important to know that planning for your Labor Day party can hardly ever go wrong. This gives you enough time to make sure that everything food, drinks, candy, venue, and so on are all prepared. While planning your Labor Day party, you can decide to make it a barbeque party or even a pool party, or better still, you can make it a combination of both! Who wouldn’t love having a nice BBQ chicken while floating in the pool? As you read on, we’re going to give you a list of essentials for your Labor Day Party to be amazing!


6 Must-Haves For Your Labor Day Party

1. Food

It’s certainly unimaginable to have a Labor Day party without great food. The perfect Labor Day food must include grilled corn, chicken ribs, sausages, and of course burgers. The secret to having the best Labor Day menu is to have foods that a generally loved by everyone. Also, putting up a salad isn’t a bad idea because not everyone loves meat. Remember that your guests might invite someone else who doesn’t eat meat so always have a salad available.

Also, serving freshly grilled food is always very attractive to your guest as they sip on their cold drinks. Serving quantities should not be too much to avoid wastage. Everyone should be served a particular portion and make it clear that seconds are available. Also, dessert is really important and you don’t need to stress about it too much. Chopping watermelons for fruit salad with other fruits is always a lifesaver when nothing else comes to mind. Lastly, your paper plates, plastic cutleries, and solo cups should certainly be available.

2. Drinks

When planning for your Labor Day party, never forget that it’s marking the end of summer so a lot of people would want to have chilled drinks. You can never go wrong with ice tea, fruit punch, red wine, and even smoothies if you like. These are perfect especially if kids would also be invited to the party. For the men, beers cannot be left out and just to make your wok easier, get a bucket filled with ice and just arrange the beer inside for your guests.

3. Sweets/Candy

Sweet and candy is more important than you’d ever know. Your Labor Day party will not be complete until you have some sweets available. Sweets will just keep everyone’s mouth busy because they will always want to have their mouth moving while interacting or watching the movie. Homemade popsicles and ice-cream isn’t a bad idea at all! Lastly, popcorn can most definitely not be left out for the night movie.

4. A Pool

What’s a Labor Day party without a pool! It’s the end of summer and a lot of people would want to cool off while eating and doing other things. If you don’t have a pool, you can rent a big temporary pool or better still get a venue with a pool. Renting a venue with a pool might even save you the stress of cleaning up.

5. A Projector

Another necessity for your perfect Labor Day party is a projector which also brings us to the entertainment. You can prepare several games for your guests to keep everyone active until it’s time for the movie night. No matter where you decide to throw your Labor Day Party, you need a big screen to showcase whatever movie you’ve decided to put on. At this point, with the movie being displayed for everyone to see whether they’re in the pool or sitting on chairs or blankets, it makes the night complete. This also brings us to the fact that you need to have pool chairs, floats, and blankets available for your guests.

6. Decoration

The décor for your Labor Day party should be one with lots of light and colors. The lights should be properly arranged above everyone and for paths that might get dark. The lights are coming to play when it gets dark but for the day, as many colors of balloons, crafted bows and so on can be used to decorate the venue. Lastly, you should have enough bugs spray easily available for your guests and also bug zappers around the yard.

At the end of the day, the joy that comes from hosting your own Labor Day party is the satisfaction you see from everyone’s face. Having an opportunity to have loved ones around should always be taken and with this Labor Day party must-haves, it will be the best you’ve ever had. Lastly, remember to have fun even while you’re hosting!


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