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how to drink scotch

Scotch, Scotch, Scotch. Scotchy, Scotchy, Scotch. I love Scotch. Here it goes down into my belly,” Ron Burgundy.

But seriously, what’s not to love about scotch? It is a bit of an acquired taste, yes. You simply need the right education first, and that’s what we are providing you with today. You’re welcome. So, here it goes: How to drink scotch – The proper way.

Drink it Neat from the Right Vessels

Trust us, the vessel you drink scotch from can make or break your drinking experience, and we have two favorites. First, the Whiskey Snifter; and second, the Rock Glass.

The Whiskey Snifter has a broad bottom and gradually gets narrow towards the top. This shape makes it possible for you to pour a good amount of scotch into the glass without letting most of the aromas escape.

The Rock Glass might be something you picture when you think of drinking scotch on the rocks. Its structure allows for proper swirling, which releases all the aromas for a full effect.

Taper Your Scotch with Ice

If you are not a natural at drinking scotch in its undiluted state, then you can add a little ice. This reduces the strength of the alcoholic flavors, making it more accessible to newbies. The water from the ice can also add a new flavor profile. Go ahead, test out your favorite scotch both ways – one with ice and one without. Be sure to use larger ice cubes so that they slowly reduce as you drink.

Add Some Water

People might think that pouring water into scotch is for those who can’t handle the strength of the alcohol. This is far from the truth. If there is anything that water does, it’s that it brings out the underlying flavors and tones of the drink. Fun fact: Stronger whiskeys/scotches improve with water.

And, lastly, for those who aren’t interested in drinking scotch neat, there’s a whole suite of delicious cocktails to enjoy like a Johnnie Walker and a Rob Roy. Cheers!

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