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Best Cocktails Near Me

When you’re in the mood for a cocktail, you don’t just want a good drink; you also want the atmosphere to go with it. You probably have your local favorite in your hometown, though sometimes it’s good to try something new. Finding the right combination of tasty drinks, friendly people, and a good atmosphere can be challenging if you’re new in town or visiting a new place.

Depending on where you are, searching for “cocktails near me” may produce tens or hundreds of results. Even small Texas towns often have several options to choose from. Here are some suggestions for finding a great place for cocktails without spending hours at it (and possibly losing the desire to go for a drink in the process).

Narrow Your Search

Conducting an online search can be a great place to start when looking for a drinking establishment. You can’t always be sure that the businesses that show up at the top of the search results are always the most popular options in town, but often that is the case when you look for local Texas businesses. You can also look through the search results for reviews and find highly rated places. To reduce the number of results that turn up, narrow your search. Try searching by:

  • Neighborhood: If you want something nearby or you know what community you want to check out, narrow your search for establishments to that neighborhood.
  • Establishment type: You can search by type when you know what kind of place you want to visit. If you want to go to a cocktail bar in a Texas city, search using that term.
  • Popularity: When you want to know the most popular locations in town, search using terms like “most popular bars in Magnolia, Texas.”

Use an App

Apps can be good sources for finding the best cocktails in your area, especially when you’re new to town or just visiting. While most people know about YELP, other options are dedicated to the nightlife scene. Cocktail Compass is an app that helps you locate bars near you, check out how far away they are, read reviews, and find happy hours. Other app options include:

  • Tablelist
  • Hooch
  • InList
  • Urbanology
  • SocialNightlife
  • Surkus
  • Swarm

Each app takes a slightly different approach to help you find the right place when searching for “cocktails near me.” Swarm turns searching for a new drinking establishment into a game, while Hooch is a members-only club that offers members one free drink per day.

Check Social Media

Social media is another tool you can use to find out where to have Texas cocktails in your area. Facebook and Instagram are always options, and they’re good ones, but you may want to explore other social media platforms that aren’t as crowded with sponsored ads. If you are a person who travels a lot, you may enjoy one of the social media platforms geared toward travelers, such as Trover. Many of these sites come in handy for more than just finding a cocktail.

Ask the Locals

Ask the locals when you want to find the best cocktails in the Texas town you are visiting! If you strike up a conversation with someone, ask them where their favorite drinking establishment is and why they like it. Talk to the hotel receptionist. Ask the person who runs a local business in town; they’re often happy to suggest other locally owned establishments to give their fellow small business owners a boost. You can also stop in at the tourist information center. Even many less populated locations have a small tourist office.

Take a Walk

Sometimes the best way to find a place that appeals to you is to get out and explore, a great option when you’re visiting a town. When you are out and about, if you come upon a neighborhood with the right vibe, keep your eyes peeled for what kind of drinking establishments are in the area. When you’re ready to grab a Texas cocktail, return to the spot and take a walk. You can see what kind of action is happening and get a feel for the atmosphere just by looking through windows or popping your head in the front door.

When you find one you like, head on in and give it a try. The atmosphere of any given place can be different from one night to the next, and your mood isn’t always the same either. One night you may want to be where all the action is, and on another evening, you may enjoy a quiet evening chatting with a close friend over drinks. When you’re open to exploration, it can be easier to find the perfect spot for you.

Make Your Own

Often, the best cocktails are the ones you make yourself. When a night in with friends is on tap, you can run your own personal cocktail bar. With this option, you can mix your drinks just the way you like them. You also have the freedom to experiment. Are you new to bartending? There’s an app for that!

Having cocktails at home lets everybody relax and mingle freely. You create the atmosphere you want, pulling together the mix of friends and drinks that will make it a memorable night. When you don’t have time to shop for the liquor you need — or if you run out of something partway through the night — you can always order your goods online and have them delivered right to your door.

Take a Trip to Zipps Liquor

When you opt for the adventure of mixing your cocktails at home, take a trip to a nearby Zipps Liquor. We have what you need to make your favorite drinks or try something new. We stock our stores with the expected and the novel. You’ll discover a large selection and competitive prices. If you want some suggestions, our staff are always happy to help! We’re located in 28 towns spread throughout East Texas and counting. Come on by and check out what we have in store for you!

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