How to Make a Wine Spritzer (Recipe)


wine spritzer recipe

The wine spritzer is a delicious, refreshing drink enjoyed at brunches and rooftop bars alike, plus just about any other scene you can imagine. That being said, the drink didn’t just burst into existence during a regular Sunday brunch. Its origin is split between two possible stories, in fact, both of which might interest you.

The first origin story of the wine spritzer is less likely but more entertaining, and takes place back in 1842. The story goes that the Hungarian author András Fáy invited some friends to his brand new wine cellar, among them Ányos Jedlik. Soda water had just been invented and was massively popular, so Jedlik brought along a bottle. Curiously pouring some soda water into his glass of wine, the spritzer was born of pure curiosity. 

A less entertaining but more plausible origin story was that the spritzer was born out of an attempt to make bubbly wine. Today, however, we have plenty of options when it comes to bubbly wine. We also have plenty of options when it comes to wine spritzers. 

Making a delicious wine spritzer is a breeze. Just follow this simple wine spritzer recipe, and you’ll be enjoying this tasty drink in no time.

Wine Spritzer Recipe Ingredients:

How To Make a Wine Spritzer:

  1. Fill your glass of choice with wine
  2. Top off with the soda water
  3. Garnish with the twist

With enough ambition, or simply a bigger glass, getting more spritzer in a glass isn’t tough at all. As long as you keep the proportions around 3:1, you’ll be just fine. 

Add a splash of citrus bitters if you’re looking for a little more than just a twist. Variations to keep this drink interesting are pretty simple as well. A splash of grapefruit juice, or any other fruit juice you might be craving, can give your drink an even more refreshing take. A bit of Campari at the bottom of your glass isn’t going to upset anybody, either, and swapping your aromatic wine for sweet vermouth will have you edging towards an Americano.

The wine spritzer is truly a drink that everyone can enjoy, and certainly one that will hit the spot on a hot summer’s day in Texas!

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