How To Order Liquor For An Event?

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Some say buying the right liquor is an art. As for successfully purchasing the right wholesale liquor for an event?

Well, that would make you Picasso. It may seem like an overwhelming task to purchase the right kind of liquor for an event. Trust us – with the right planning and paintbrush, you too can make it all happen easily. 

Buying liquor for an event takes a lot of proper planning, as you’ll be catering to the drink needs of a large number of people with different tastes. But, we have good news. With our guide on how to order liquor for an event, you’ll be able to do it like a pro! 

Decide on the number of guests

You’ll want to know the quantity of liquor to order. The first step in your process should be making a guest list or an estimate of how many people you expect at your event.

This will ensure you don’t order too much – or not enough – drinks to go around. It’ll also help you decide if you can balance out those who will not be drinking (like underaged guests) and those who will, in addition to how much you expect each guest to drink.

With all this information at hand, you can decide just how much alcohol you’ll be buying in your wholesale order. 

Select the type of drinks you’ll be serving

The drinks you serve can be based on the theme of your event or the type of guests you’ll have.

For instance, if you’re expecting a beer-drinking crowd, then it makes sense to order beer in wholesale!

On the other hand, if you’re expecting a wine and liquor crowd, then you should plan for that instead. Based on the guest list, you’ll have an idea of the kinds of liquor to order. You can even mix up your order if you’re expecting a diverse crowd. Check out our drink calculator so you know exactly how much liquor you’ll need to order.

Set a budget

To make sure you don’t spend too much on liquor for your event, create a budget for the amount of money you are comfortable with spending on liquor.

Next, ensure that you stay within that budget.

You can consult with a bartender or an event planner for price estimates on the types of drinks you’ll serve so that your budget takes into consideration current liquor prices. 

Find a liquor distributor near you

To cut down on costs like shipping, and to make visits and meetings easier, find wholesale liquor distributors near you who stock the kind of drinks you want to get.

After visiting a few of them and also looking online, you can compare prices and choose a distributor with prices that suit your budget.

Also, you can potentially ask them for bulk discounts based on the amount of liquor you’ll be ordering. 

Order and pick up your liquor

After you’ve decided which distributor to buy from, place an order, make your payments, and pick up your liquor!

Because you may have a larger number of crates and cases, it’s advisable to pick up the drinks a day before your event and move them to the venue for set up and cooling. Remember to stay in touch with your distributor throughout the process to avoid any setbacks or delays with your delivery

When planning an event, we understand that you’ve got a lot on your plate. That’s why Zipps Liquor has you covered in the liquor department! Learn more about our liquor distribution, or request a quote.

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