La Marca Prosecco Review

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La Marca Prosecco Review

La Marca Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in Veneto, Italy, specifically the Prosecco region where the wine got its name. The Glera grapes used to make this flavorful wine are likewise harvested in that region.

As a sparkling wine, La Marca Prosecco has a pale and golden hue. It has a pleasant aroma consisting of a fresh citrus scent, with mild notes of honey and white flowers. 

Read our complete La Marca Prosecco review to learn more. 

La Marca Prosecco

How Is La Marca Prosecco Made? 

The process of making La Marca Prosecco is simple yet precise. The first step involves harvesting the Glera grapes from Prosecco DOC. This label stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which indicates high-quality production and origin. This ensures that the wine is made only from the right premium ingredients.

The grapes are then crushed and ground using gentle membrane presses. This allows the grape juice to flow out and be collected. The juice is left to settle before undergoing fermentation in vertical stainless steel tanks. To get the ideal flavor, temperatures are set at 65 F.

The wine is then let to age before being subjected to final fermentation.

Does Prosecco La Marca Taste Good?

Prosecco La Marca

Taste is the most important criterion for Texan wine lovers. Is La Marca Prosecco sweet? Does it have an aftertaste? How about its texture?

La Marca Prosecco has a crisp and slightly sweet taste. It has the fruity flavors of ripe lemon, grapefruit, and green apple. This wine also has a fresh and clean taste, meaning that it has no bad aftertaste. As for texture, it has a smooth yet bubbly feel that is easy on the mouth. Like other sparkling wines, La Marca Prosecco is best served cold. 

You can drink La Marca Prosecco by itself. Alternatively, you can make a mimosa or cocktail since sparkling wines are versatile by nature. Experiment and mix this wine with other liquor to create more diverse and exciting flavor profiles.

La Marca Prosecco’s Alcohol and Calorie Content

A 750-ml bottle of Prosecco La Marca has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 11%. This is a bit lower than the average wine ABV of 12%. However, La Marca is still capable of knocking you down, especially because it is so easy to drink lots of it without even realizing it.

In terms of caloric content, one serving of La Marca Prosecco has about 120 calories. This falls exactly within the average calorie content level of most wines. 

Overall, La Marca Prosecco’s alcohol and calorie contents are not excessive. You can maximize all the health benefits that it provides as a wine without suffering from the bad side effects that too much alcohol or calories can cause. However, you should still drink this wine moderately.

Food Pairings

La Marca Prosecco can be enjoyed solo. However, it contains adequate acidity and heft to be paired well with certain dishes. This wine complements fragrant and spicy food as well as different types of seafood. It also goes well with dishes rich in mild cheese or tomatoes. It even works with fruit-based desserts.

Its ability to stand alone and pair with other food makes La Marca Prosecco a great option in parties and dinner settings.

Get Yourself a Bottle of La Marca Prosecco 

La Marca Prosecco is a great Italian wine that is made with dedication. It has a delectable taste and is good for your health when consumed moderately. Different dishes can be paired with it too, so you can never go wrong by getting a bottle of this wine.

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