Noble Oak Bourbon Review

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Noble Oak bourbon review

Noble Oak Bourbon is an award-winning bourbon that has tasting notes of ripe cherries and honey on the nose and hints of vanilla, warm spices, dried fruits, and lingering wood and cherry flavors on the palate. The whiskey has 45% alcohol content per 750ml. 

Besides its unique flavor, this particular bourbon stands out because of the brand’s mission to revitalize planet Earth by not only planting trees but also building communities. 

Every bottle that Noble Oak Bourbon sells plants a tree. To date, the company has planted over 950,000 trees through its partnership with One Tree Planted. Noble Oak’s mission and story prove to be unique selling points alongside its incredible-tasting products. Shop for your favorite Noble Oak Bourbon or Noble Oak Double Oak Whiskey today!

If you want to get to know more about Noble Oak’s brand and its bourbon, here’s a deep dive into its history and the process of making each bottle. 

The History of Noble Oak Bourbon

Noble Oak Bourbon

The story of Noble Oak Bourbon starts in the state of Ohio, in the small town of Newton. 

Newton has recently made a name for itself for its excellent and award-winning double-gold double oak bourbon called Noble Oak. Noble Oak is an American whiskey brand known for its quality crafted products and noble initiatives.

When the brand first emerged in 2017, it started its partnership with One Tree Planted to make a change in the country. Since then, Noble Oak’s efforts have expanded from California to Michigan, New York, and every state in between. 

With every bottle it sells, the company makes a difference in the environment and the community at large. Not only that, but it also involves its loyal patrons in making these positive changes all while enjoying a glass of high-class bourbon.

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon is an extraordinary example of a finely-crafted American whiskey that strikes a brilliant balance between tradition and innovation. This distinctive spirit hails from the heartland of bourbon, where generations of master distillers have been honing their craft for centuries.

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon, a renowned product from the Noble Oak Spirits Company, was first launched in 2017. The company is a collaborative venture with Edrington of Scotland, a company recognized for its world-renowned spirit brands, such as Macallan, The Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky, and No. 3 London Dry Gin. Since its inception, the Noble Oak Spirits Company, based in Newtown, Ohio, has partnered with the nonprofit One Tree Planted. This partnership is part of Noble Oak’s mission to plant one tree for every bottle sold. As of August 2022, over 390,000 trees have been planted with an additional 180,000 tree planting projects in progress

The Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon is bottled at 90 proof. It undergoes a double oak maturation process where it is aged in charred new American white oak barrels for a minimum of one year before being finished in Spanish Sherry oak cask staves. The whiskey is distilled at a partner location in Indiana and then sent to Brain Brew Distillery in Ohio for finishing​.

This bourbon has earned prestigious recognition in the spirits industry, including 94 points at the 2021 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the Innovation Award at the 2021 Sip Awards, and Gold at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition​.

How It’s Made

This product is so special not just because of its history but also due to the way it’s made. Noble Oak Bourbon spends a minimum of 12 months in new American white oak barrels that give it its signature sweet vanilla flavor. During this period, the makers of this spirit use time-tested maturation methods to come up with an unrivaled product complete with deep color, body, and richness. 

After these methods are accomplished, they add the Spanish Sherry oak staves through a patented process called Compression Finishing to create what’s known as the Noble Oak Bourbon. The process utilizes the cycles of pressure and heat to infuse rich flavors and aromas into every bottle of whiskey. 

Experts describe the Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon as being superb, pleasing, and aromatic. But it’s also more than that. Each bottle is exotic and exciting in its own right, making it a delectable drink to enjoy on every occasion. 

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Tasting Notes

When it comes to tasting Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon, there are several key aspects to consider. These include the whiskey’s appearance, nose, palate, and finish. Here’s what you can expect from each of these categories.


Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon has a rich, chestnut color with hints of oloroso sherry. It’s a beautiful whiskey to look at, with a smooth and polished appearance that’s sure to impress.


When you first smell Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon, you’ll notice a range of different scents. The whiskey has a strong, grassy aroma that’s balanced out by notes of oak, clove, sweet corn, and leather. These scents work together to create a complex and interesting bouquet that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.


As you take your first sip of Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon, you’ll notice a range of different flavors. The whiskey has a sweet and smooth taste that’s balanced out by notes of caramel corn, orange, kola nut, circus peanut, marzipan, and hot buttered cornbread. These flavors combine to create a rich and complex taste that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning whiskey drinkers.


The finish of Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon is smooth and satisfying, with accents of sweet corn, cherry candies, cinnamon candy, and cracked black pepper. It’s a long and lingering finish that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Overall, Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon is a delicious and complex whiskey that’s sure to impress even the most discerning drinkers. Whether you’re a fan of sweet and smooth bourbons or more complex and interesting flavors, this whiskey is definitely worth a try.

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Awards and Accolades

If you are looking for a bourbon that has been recognized for its quality, Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon is a great option. This bourbon has received several awards and accolades that show its excellence.

At the 2021 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon was awarded 94 points, which is an exceptional score. Additionally, this bourbon won the Innovation Award at the 2021 Sip Awards and Gold at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication that goes into crafting Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon. The team at Noble Oak is passionate about wood, and it shows in the quality of their bourbon.

If you are looking for a bourbon that has been recognized for its excellence, you can’t go wrong with Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon.

Easy Bourbon Drinks Recipes To Try

Although the traditional way of drinking bourbon is neat, there are several recipes you can try to spice up your drink even further. 

easy bourbon drinks

On Ice

If you’re not ready to sway from the traditional methods of drinking bourbon, a conservative alternative is to drink it on ice. It’s as simple as adding ice cubes or a ball of ice into your drink to mellow down the harsher flavors of your bourbon. 

Between neat and on ice, many bourbon enthusiasts believe that neat is preferred because ice can dilute the flavors and make it watery. But on the contrary, the primary flavors of the double oak bourbon are not going anywhere whether you add ice or not. You can still taste its unique flavor profile composed of vanilla and caramel notes with a hint of smoke. The only difference is that you won’t have to deal with the bitterness if you add ice. 

What you’re left with is still the good ol’ Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon with milder flavors. 

Old Fashioned

Another standard way of enjoying this beverage is the old-fashioned way. The sweet vanilla and caramel flavors will balance perfectly with the Angostura bitters. You can enhance the bitter aftertaste and add a hint of zest with an orange twist garnish and a pop of cherry. 

Overall, the old fashioned recipe can add more texture and depth to the flavors of the bourbon, but it’s still quite superficial. 

New York Noble Sour

For something more adventurous and perhaps out of your comfort zone, you can explore more exotic recipes such as the New York Noble Sour. 

To make this drink, you’ll need your trusty Double Oak Bourbon and combine it with rich honey syrup, fresh lemon juice, red wine, and egg white. Then, shake the mixture for 15 seconds or until your egg white emulsifies with your citrus. 

You can add a scoop of ice into the shaker and shake again for another 15 seconds. Once you’re happy with the temperature and consistency of your drink, strain the mixture into a rocks glass and top it off with a red wine float. 

There you have it: a New York Noble Sour.

The flavor profile of this drink is the perfect balance between sweet and sour. On the one hand, you have the vanilla and caramel flavors coming from the bourbon. On the other hand, you have the tart and zesty aroma of fresh lemon juice. When combined, you can cover some of the alcoholic aftertastes and focus on the complexity of the flavors.

Berry Bourbon Smash

If you want to focus on the tart and mask some of the sweetness from the Double Oak Bourbon, this recipe is right for you. 

The Berry Bourbon Smash involves a combination of fresh lemon juice, berry syrup, and amaro with the star of the show, your bourbon. After shaking these ingredients together, strain the mixture into your glass and garnish it with a dried orange peel or a few frozen berries. You’ll end up with a tart and zesty bourbon drink that can refresh your taste buds and leave you wanting more. 

Instead of overpowering the complex flavors of the bourbon, the acidity from this recipe can bring out the deep notes, which is perfect if you want to highlight the depth of your bourbon. 

Honey-Tree Toddy

Finally, there’s the Honey-Tree Toddy which combines honey, lemon peel, and cinnamon stick with your bourbon. To make this drink, all you need to do is first stir the honey into the hot water until it completely dissolves. Then add your Noble Oak bourbon into the mix. Lastly, to top it all off, drop your lemon peel and stir the concoction with a cinnamon stick.

The flavor profile of this beverage should be a hint of sweetness, tanginess, and some spice from the cinnamon. You should have a richer finish with more complex notes as these distinct ingredients stand out with every sip. 


You have many recipe options to choose from and there’s really no one way of drinking your beverage. The best way to drink bourbon depends on your taste and preferences, so feel free to explore your choices and drink bourbon in a way you will enjoy.

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