Our Favorite Crown Royal Drinks


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Crown Royal, a blended Canadian whisky with a smooth finish, is a great spirit to make all types of cocktails with. They have over 14 varieties of bottles to satisfy any whiskey lovers palate. If you are looking for the perfect cocktail to make with Crown Royal, you have come to the right place. We have pulled together our favorite Crown Royal drinks from sweet to sour to fruity and smokey.

Whiskey Sour

Starting with the most classic cocktail is the whisky sour. The oldest mention of this drink was printed in a Wisconsin newspaper in 1870. This simple yet tasty drink is a mix of whisky, lemon juice, and sugar. It is then served on the rocks or straight up, with a maraschino cherry and a half an orange slice. Add an egg white, and you have yourself a Boston Sour, and if you add in a few spoons of red wine ( which just floats on top), it is called a New York Sour.

Here’s what you need to make this drink:

4.5 cl (3 parts) Crown Royal 
3 cl (2 parts) fresh lemon juice
1.5 cl (1 part) simple syrup

Hot Toddy

Winter is here and with it comes cold and flu season. This warm and sweet drink is traditionally drunk before going to bed for the night when it’s cold out or to relieve symptoms of a cold. Many recipes vary but the concept is the same. Just add whiskey, honey, lemon juice, and some hot water.

Here’s what you need to make this drink:

1½ ounce Crown Royal 
1 tablespoon honey
½ ounce lemon juice
1 cup hot water
Lemon wedge, cinnamon stick and star anise, for garnish (optional)

Crown Royal Flush

This tasty drink has peach and cranberry flavors that blend very well with Crown Royal. If you like peach schnapps and whiskey separately, you will love this drink because it combines these 2 liquors together. This drink is best served in a “rocks” glass. 

Here’s what you need to make this drink:

1 1/4 ounce Crown Royal
1/4 ounce Peach Schnapps
3 ounce Cranberry Juice
Orange Peel for Garnish (optional)

Crownarita Recipe

If you love margaritas as well as Crown Royal, you will love this drink! Even better, it’s very simple to make and doesn’t require a lot of effort. It’s perfect for one of those nights  need a simple drink to take the edge off. This drink is best served in a margarita glass. If you don’t have one of those, an old-fashioned glass will work as well.


Here’s what you need to make this drink:

2 ounce Crown Royal
3 ounce Margarita Mix of your choice
Lime for Garnish (optional)

The Texas Mudslide

We had to mention this drink since it’s an homage to Texas! You wouldn’t think that Crown Royal mixes well with Kahlua and Baileys, but it actually tastes pretty good! If you prefer dark, rich flavors rather than fruity, light flavors, this drink is right for you. It is best served in an old-fashioned glass.

Here’s what you need to make this drink:

1 ounce Crown Royal
1 ounce Kahlua Liqueur
1 ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream

There are many different types of Crown Royal to mix in these drinks. If you want a maple flavor in your drink, try Crown Royal Maple. If you want an intense, richer flavor, try Crown Royal Black. At Zipps Liquor, we have all these types of Crown Royal and more for you to try. Stop by your local Zipps store and pick up your favorite type of Crown Royal. We guarantee you’ll love the varieties we have and the low prices too!

Swing by your local Zipps liquor store in Texas and pick up all the ingredients you’ll need to make tasty Crown Royal drinks!

Visit your local Zipps Liquor store to stock up on your favorite beer, wine, & spirits!

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