Our Favorite Mai Tai Recipes in Spirit of Mai Tai Day


Our Favorite Mai Tai Recipes in Spirit of Mai Tai Day

Mmmm, the deliciously fruity and exotic Mai Tai cocktail. So delicious, in fact, that it has its very own day of the year – June 30th. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend with friends or family, why not learn how to make Mai Tai’s and have a little gathering? There are a handful of recipes for the Mai Tai, and today we will be exploring some of the most creative and thirst-quenching variations.

A fair warning before we start mixing… you might have a little too much fun trying these recipes out with friends. Things could get out of hand. OK, now that’s out of the way, go get your cocktail shaker and let’s go!

3 Fantastic Mai Tai Recipes

The Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai

If you want your get together to emulate that of a Hawaiian beach day, then this recipe is for you. This variation is a lovely twist on the original Mai Tai recipe and will definitely take your party up a notch.

Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai Ingredients

–  ½ ounce Orange Curacao Liqueur

–   1-ounce Dark Rum

–   1 ½  ounce Gold Rum

–   1-½ ounce Pineapple Juice

–  1 ½ ounce Orange Juice

–   Splash of Grenadine

–   Lime Juice

–   Ice Cubes

In order to mix this cocktail like a pro, you will need a cocktail shaker and strainer. To prepare the Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai, put all the ingredients into the shaker (including the ice), and shake properly. When the drink is mixed and chilled, finish up with an orange slice garnish.

The Classic Mai Tai

This classic Mai Tai cocktail has plenty of rum and a few splashes of pineapple juice. Moreover, with the mix of almond syrup and fruit juice, you just can’t go wrong here.

Classic Mai Tai Ingredients

–   1-ounce Light Rum

–   1 ounce Dark Rum

–   ½ ounce Orange Curacao Liqueur

–   ½ ounce Orgeat Syrup

–   Pineapple Juice

–   1 cup Crushed Ice

–   1 cup Regular Ice

To make this drink, fill an Old Fashion glass with 1 cup of crushed ice and place it in the refrigerator. Next, put all the other ingredients (excluding the pineapple juice) in a shaker with the regular ice and shake. Strain into the cooled Old Fashion glass, add pineapple juice to taste, and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Recipe

If you’re a fan of almonds, then this recipe will have you feeling tingly all over. Sometimes Mai Tai’s have fruit juices like pineapple and orange, but in this variation, we get a hint of lime and almond – an unbeatable combination.

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Ingredients

–   ½ ounce Orgeat (almond) Syrup

–   1-ounce White Rum

–   1 ounce Dark Rum

–   Lime juice

–   ½ ounce Orange Curacao

To make, add all of the ingredients with crushed ice to the shaker and mix well. Pour the mixture into a highball glass and garnish with pineapple, cherry, and mint sprig.

That’s all for now. Off you go… start mixing!

Happy Mai Tai day!

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