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Sweet summertime…

Whether you prefer your refreshing summer cocktails on the beach, front porch, or in the backyard, make your summer a success by stocking the bar with summer cocktail essentials. From Mezcal to Rye Whiskey, here’s a list of our favorite summer spirits.


On bright summer nights, this German classic is great on its own or in a variety of cocktails. Jagermeister is an extremely popular brand and the appreciation from the true wine connoisseurs comes from its unique, diverse taste. Furthermore, it is made from an herbal base of up to 56 botanicals. This adds a sharp tasty flavor to a handful of cocktails, making it a great summer drink for parties, hangouts, and vacations.

Yaguara Cachaca

There’s something incredibly exotic about this Brazilian rum that makes it suited for the summer atmosphere. Indeed, the Yaguara variety is partly aged in oak, giving the blend a complex and rustic charm. Its bold taste comes from a combination of diverse spices including black pepper, chamomile, and lemongrass. Definitely spend a relaxing afternoon sipping on a glass of this South American spirit or add it to a cocktail like the Caipirinha.

Jelley’s Elderflower Vodka

Vodka is a summer spirit that appeals to almost everyone because of its clear, tasteless form. Moreover, Elderflower vodka, in particular, has a rustic flavor that’s incredibly appealing. It holds the classic tempered and sweet tone of other vodka spirits, but with a dash of lemon, coriander, licorice, and orris root for depth. However, the real allure of this vodka varietal is the amazing scent of elderflowers. You can trace this back to native Northamptonshire origins. Enjoy this spirit on a summer afternoon by adding it to lemonade, soda, or even a Bloody Mary.

Greenhook Gin

Greenhook Gin has a hard taste that adds some punch, flavor, and an extra herbal taste to your drink. This makes it a great base for a handful of cocktails. This wheat-based gin is a bold, creative blend that is distilled organically. It’s infused with floral, citrus and herbal flavors. The nine botanicals that form its splendid herbal flavor were carefully tempered so you can only detect it in traces… unlike other herbal gin spirits. Enjoy it as a long drink, or use it in summer cocktails like Negronis.


Without a doubt, this Italian aperitif is a captivating summer spirit. It makes for a refreshing drink on particularly hot summer afternoons. It stands out for its bright red color, bitter-sweet taste, and intense aroma. Campari is especially famous because of its natural exotic flavor. This adds a crisp taste to drinks like the Old Pal. If you’re looking for something stronger, Campari packs a punch and can be enjoyed in its original form.

Chateau de Beaulon Cognac

This ancient cognac is a summer delight that you can enjoy in any form. Moreover, its splendid taste proves that old wine does taste better. Chateau de Beaulon Cognac has a mild burning taste that makes it a special cocktail ingredient for your summer spirits collection. Rarely enjoyed in its original form, this classic cognac variant is great for spiking fruit drinks and cocktails.

Templeton Rye Whiskey

Summer cocktails like Boulevardier and Sazerac owe their rich taste to classic rye whiskeys. It is a sweeter variant of most ordinary whiskeys – You can serve it in club soda and lemonade for a mild summer drink or take it straight. This carefully developed whiskey variant has aged well over the years and we don’t call it the “good stuff” for no reason.

Sombra Mezcal

This exotic natural spirit comes from the high passes of the mountains in Oaxaca. Organic agaves help purify the Mezcal. This is one of the reasons why the drink is famous for its unique flavors. The Sombra variant adds a fruity taste to the classic spicy base, and is a great mixer for summer cocktail drinks. It should be noted that with its smooth, warm feel, the delicious taste is perfect for summer beach outings.

No matter where you take your summer cocktails, there’s a spirit out there for everyone. Add a buzz to your summer by stocking the bar full of refreshing spirits, making a delicious cocktail, and settling into your favorite chair – beach lounger, front porch rocker, camp chair, or what have you! Cheers!

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