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Allocated bourbon

In the realm of fine spirits, Zipps Liquor stands out for our exquisite selection of allocated bourbon and our commitment to giving back. By curating an exceptional range of allocated bourbons, we offer connoisseurs the chance to savor unparalleled quality. Our dedication extends beyond the bottle, as evidenced by our proud contribution of $85,000 to Hope for the Warriors Charity, demonstrating our support for American war veterans. At Zipps Liquor, every purchase of allocated bourbon enriches both your collection and the lives of those who’ve bravely served our country.

What is Allocated Bourbon?

Allocated bourbon refers to those rare, often limited-edition bottles of whiskey that are distributed in controlled quantities by producers to retailers. These bourbons are highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs alike, not only for their exceptional quality and unique profiles but also for their investment potential. At Zipps Liquor, we take pride in offering an allocated bourbon list that features some of the best and most exclusive bottles in the market. Our selection is meticulously curated to ensure that our customers have access to the finest spirits, making each sip a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

Why Allocated Bourbons Are Special?

Allocated bourbons are considered special due to their limited production, unique quality, and often exceptional aging processes. These factors contribute to their scarcity, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The rarity and craftsmanship involved in creating these bourbons result in distinctive flavors and profiles, elevating them above standard offerings and turning them into prized possessions within the bourbon community.

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Rarity and Exclusivity

Allocated bourbons are produced in limited quantities, making them rare gems in the spirits world. This scarcity is often due to the meticulous production processes, aging requirements, and the distillery’s capacity. As a result, these bottles become coveted items for enthusiasts and collectors, often appreciated not just for their taste but as works of art in their own right.

Exceptional Quality

The best allocated bourbons are renowned for their superior quality. These spirits undergo rigorous aging processes, often in specially selected barrels, to develop their unique flavors, aromas, and complexity. At Zipps Liquor, our allocated bottles are chosen for their exceptional characteristics, ensuring that our customers experience the pinnacle of what bourbon can offer.

Supporting War Veterans Through Your Purchase

At Zipps Liquor, our mission transcends selling premium spirits; we are deeply committed to giving back to the community, particularly to those who have served our country. In partnership with non-profit organizations like Hope for the Warriors, we dedicate a portion of sales from our allocated bourbon and other allocated bottles to support veterans and their families. This initiative helps provide much-needed resources and services to veterans and allows our customers to contribute to a noble cause with every purchase.

How Does Your Purchase Make a Difference?

  • Direct Support: A portion of every allocated bottle sold goes directly to veteran support programs, offering financial assistance, mental health services, and community support to those in need.
  • Raising Awareness: By choosing to shop for allocated bourbon at Zipps Liquor, you help raise awareness about the challenges faced by veterans and the importance of supporting them in their transition to civilian life.

Exploring the Allocated Bourbon List

Our selection of allocated bourbons at Zipps Liquor includes some of the most prestigious and sought-after names in the industry. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the world of fine spirits, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through our exceptional range, ensuring you find the perfect bottle that satisfies your palate and contributes to a cause close to our hearts.

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Stagg Jr. Kentucky Straight

Stagg Jr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon epitomizes the bold spirit of George T. Stagg, a leading figure in the 19th-century American bourbon industry during the Gilded Age. This uncut, unfiltered bourbon, matured for nearly a decade, mirrors Stagg’s robust character. It offers a rich tapestry of flavors, blending sweet notes of chocolate and brown sugar with the spicy zest of rye. The complex finish extends with layers of cherries, cloves, and a subtle smokiness, crafting a whiskey that’s as unforgettable as its namesake.

Double Eagle Very Rare 20-Year-Old

The Double Eagle Very Rare 20-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey stands as the pinnacle of Buffalo Trace’s offerings, doubling the age of its counterpart, the Eagle Rare, at 20 years. This bourbon is celebrated not just for its age but for its presentation, featuring two glass eagle figurines — one as a stopper and another within the bottle, emphasizing its name’s significance. Crafted from a high-rye mash bill, this 90-proof whiskey is a balanced expression of craftsmanship, available in a hand-blown, numbered decanter-style bottle accompanied by a letter of authenticity, making it a true collector’s gem with only 299 bottles produced.

Garrison Brothers Distillery Balmorhea Bourbon

Garrison Brothers Distillery’s Balmorhea Bourbon is a testament to the art of bourbon making, showcasing a unique twice-barreled aging process. Initially matured for four years in new American white oak barrels under the intense Texas sun, it undergoes a second aging in custom-designed new American white oak barrels for an additional year. This meticulous process, guided by Master Distiller Donnis Todd, culminates in a 115-proof bourbon that is rich with waves of white chocolate and caramel flavors. Described as “bourbon candy in a bottle,” it is best savored neat to fully appreciate its complex profile. This 57.5% Alc./Vol. spirit embodies the craft and care poured into every bottle at the Garrison Brothers® Distillery, offering a distinctive sip that’s both bold and indulgently smooth.

Sazerac Rye 18 Year

The Sazerac Rye 18 Year is a testament to the rich history of the Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans, where the famed Sazerac cocktail originated. This exceptional straight rye whiskey encapsulates the essence of tradition and quality. Aged for 18 years, it delivers a sophisticated blend of smooth spice and dry sweetness, underpinned by a complex profile of oak, leather, molasses, and allspice. The finish is warm and inviting, with nuances of mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, vanilla, and a lingering peppery note, making it an elegant choice for connoisseurs.

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Shop for Allocated Bourbon at Zipps Liquor!

Shopping for allocated bourbon at Zipps Liquor is an experience designed to cater to every preference and need. Customers can choose to shop online through our website, where our full selection of allocated bourbons and other spirits is available for perusal. Alternatively, visiting one of our stores across Texas offers the opportunity to engage with our staff and explore our offerings in person. With options for pickup and delivery, we ensure that accessing your preferred spirits is convenient and straightforward.

Online Shopping Made Easy

Our website is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience, allowing you to browse our allocated bourbon list, learn about each bottle, and make informed decisions from the comfort of your home. With detailed descriptions and tasting notes, we bring the essence of our store to your screen, ensuring you find the perfect match for your taste and preferences.

In-Store Experience

Visiting a Zipps Liquor store is more than just shopping; it’s an adventure into the world of fine spirits. Our staff are passionate about their work and eager to share their knowledge and recommendations. Whether you’re a bourbon aficionado or exploring allocated bourbons for the first time, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Join Us in Supporting War Veterans with Allocated Bourbon!

At Zipps Liquor, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. By shopping for allocated bourbon with us, you’re not just acquiring a fine bottle of whiskey; you’re contributing to a cause that supports the brave men and women who have served our country. Our partnership with organizations like Hope for the Warriors underscores our commitment to making a difference, one bottle at a time.

We invite you to explore our selection of allocated bourbon and other spirits, either online or by visiting one of our stores across Texas. Your purchase helps us continue our support for war veterans, making every sip a salute to their courage and sacrifice. Join us in this noble cause, and let’s raise a glass to those who’ve served with every bottle of allocated bourbon you take home.

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