The Best Golf Courses in the Woodlands, TX

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Finding an excellent golf course may be difficult anywhere but The Woodlands TX. For a city with only about a hundred thousand residents, Woodlands boasts quite a good number of golf courses on its territory.

Although these courses are numerous, they are not particularly cheap because they are private.

Nonetheless, they offer all that a golfer needs and more so they are worth the cost. You just have to save a little more, and with that, you can have the time of your life as frequently as you want to.

So, to help you narrow down your choices, we curated a list of the best golf courses in the Woodlands, TX area:

The Panther Trails at the Golf Trails of the Woodlands

This establishment is probably one of the oldest golf courses in the Woodlands and maybe Texas as it was built in 1975 and designed by a team of architects.

As old as it is, the Golf Trails offer modern facilities and layouts that make it a better choice than other more recent golf courses.

The design is way above average, and the people there are amicable. However, the management is quite strict when it comes to dressing.

Sweat pants and even denim are not allowed in the course, so if you want to golf, you’d have to dress well.

Nonetheless, the Golf Trail is one of the best courses in the Woodlands and Texas inclusive.

Location: 2311 North Millbend, The Woodlands, Texas

Cypresswood Golf Club

The course boasts a whooping 36-hole facility which divides into two golf courses, so playing two rounds in the same venue is a real possibility (if you have 10 hours to spare).

The 6,906-yard course located on a terrain of about 600 acres allows golfers play games on either of the favorable with minimal to zero disturbance.

The management is doing a great job maintaining the courses while bagging recognition.

Location: 21602, Cypresswood Dr, Spring, Texas.

Fazio Course at Carlton Woods

The 18-hole golf course designed by Tom Fazio and a group of others, in 2005, is situated in the club at Carlton Woods.

The private golf course which was built in 2005 spans a total of 7358 yards. Just like several other golf courses, Fazio requests that prospective golfers wear decent clothes.

Location: 1 Carlton Woods Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77382, USA.

Windrose Golf Club

Windrose is for golfers who are ready to stretch their skills.

With an 18-hole course, 9 of which are underwater, the golden course challenges both amateur and pro golfers to something exciting and risky at the same time.

In addition to all of these, oaks and pines outline the course as well as other green plants to help you relax while winning (or losing) at the game.

Golf at Windrose is better to play with friends who can tease you while you miss the hole again and again.

Location: 6235 Pinelakes Blvd, Spring, Texas.

The Player Course at the Woodlands Country Club

Residents highly recommend this 18-hole course for golfers in and around the Woodlands.

With well-maintained fairway and greens, the Player Course offers golfers favorable conditions and value.

The course, which was mapped out by Gary Player and launched in 2002 has, since then, managed to keep up with the demands of golfers.

Location: 8900 Sterling Ridge Drive, The Woodlands, Texas.

The Tournament Course at the Woodlands Country Club

The tournament course is another 18-hole facility at the Woodlands Country Club.

The course which was designed by the famous duo, Bruce Devlin and Robert von Hagge was launched in 1987 and occupies a space of 7,025 yards.

It is no surprise that the course ranks as one of the best as it is apparent that management has done an excellent job in maintaining the course over the years.

Location: 1730 South Millbend Dr, The Woodlands, Texas.

Augusta Pines Golf Club

The Pines is a masterpiece, designed by Tour 18, Inc., in the year, 2000.

The facility boasts an 18-hole course with 30 acres of water ponds that makes it indeed, state-of-the-art.

It is semi-private and open to the public. The bright fairways are Bermuda grass while the greens are TifEagle which add some life to the game. Overall the course has a perfect layout and offers quality for your money.

Location: 18 Augusta Pines Drive, Dr Spring, Texas.

Nicklaus Course at Carlton Woods

The private golf course – designed by Jack Nicklaus – launched in 2001 at the club in Carlton Woods.

It is a standard 18-hole golf course that covers a perimeter of 7,402 yards. All golfers must be registered members, and each skill level has a tee to differentiate them.

Location: 1 Carlton Woods, Dr, the Woodlands, Texas.

Woodforest Golf Club

Unlike most other golf courses, the Woodforest flaunts a 27-hole golf course surrounded by lush grasses that make golfing seem like the best thing on earth.

The course occupied in 2001 and since then, has not failed to define what a standard golf course is.

Besides golfing, you could head to the Woodforest Golf Club if all you want is a serene environment to relax and eat. There’s a pro shop, driving range and grill to help you have some healthy fun.

Location: 1199 Fish Creek, Thoroughfare, Montgomery, Texas.

Palmer Deacon/King

The golf course situated right in the Woodlands Country Club is, as usual, an 18-hole facility.

The golf course was laid out by Arnold Palmer and his partners and established in 1995. The 419 Bermuda Grass and lush green allow golfers to have a good time while aiming for the hole.

Location: 100 Grand Fairway Drive, The Woodlands, Texas.

Clearly, the Woodlands is a home for golfers. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game, an intermediate or a pro, finding the right kind of golfing facility you need to help hone your budding career or hobby is easier than finishing a hole.

Also, these golf courses are open all year round so you can begin (or return) to the game as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading about the best golf courses inThe Woodlands, TX. Make sure you visit Zipps Liquor in the Woodlands, TX before and/or after your round of golf to stock up! 

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