The Best Local Craft Beers in Honor of Drink Beer Day

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Drink Beer Day is the perfect excuse to have your fill of the best brewed beer around. So, let your hair down and try out what’s in front of you! But this time, you might want to try the local craft brew – some of which are made with the best ingredients, to keep you smacking your lips and savouring the taste. Think about a freshly-brewed beer blended with unique ingredients, such as fruits and chocolate that tease the taste buds!

There’s really no limit with Drink Beer Day, and you can take your pick of the following local craft beers in honor of the day:

Boat Beer 

Carton Brewery, New Jersey 

Called the ‘boat beer’, this beer brings up feelings of sailing the open sea. Don’t confine the pleasure of drinking it just to the boat, however; it’s so good you can basically have one anywhere. This beer is an advanced version of the American hop-soaked pale ale. It fits the bill for any celebration or a relaxing day taking in the sun. 

Two-Hearted Ale

Bell’s Brewery, Michigan 

Any beer with such a name would no doubt have a liquid content that creates envy from other local craft beers. Its ingredients include pine and grapefruit. Also, the brewers must have something great going on in order to have different strings of flavor from one hop variety. If you’re looking forward to a nice time with friends observing Drink Beer Day, don’t let the Two-Hearted Ale out of your sight.

SeaQuench Ale

Dogfish Brewery, Delaware 

If you’ve enjoyed the Berliner Weisse style of brewing, then you’ll probably prefer drinking the SeaQuench Ale. With a lot of German heritage behind it, it’s easy to assume it’s entirely German. But, this is not so! There is a connection to German technique, but the perfect blend of hops, a salty and spur style, coupled with wholesome taste has ‘American’ written all over it. As far as IPAs go, you’ll feel refreshed after tasting its pine flavor-rich content. 

Misère Au Borinage

Holy Mountain Brewery, Washington

There’s so much to expect from Holy Mountain, and not just on Drink Beer Day. They go the extra mile in blending the best, weird, and distinctive ingredients to produce a surreal taste. This Belgian-style farmhouse ale contains raw yeast and undergoes a wonderful fermentation process that gives it an amazing appeal among beer drinkers and those who want to give it a try for the sake of the celebratory day. Undoubtedly, you’ll be a regular after the first experience. 

Saison Hands

Tired Hands Brewery, Pennsylvania

Another Belgian-style farmhouse ale, this beer goes beyond its liquid content to showcase a real art form in beer making. It boasts a blend of the finest of oats, rye, wheat, barley, American hops and wild yeast (a mild touch). This is a great drink to have with friends, considering the blend of various types of flavors that are expressed. Truth be told, Tired Hands surpassed themselves on this one, with a mixture of different flavors in equal measures that leave the drinker asking for more.

Bel Air Sour

Brooklyn Brewery, New York

There are a large number of beers available for summer time, but the Bel Air is available all year long. It has an extremely fruity appeal. But, it’s neither sweet, nor d,oes Brooklyn Brewery employ the use of any fruit. A mystery, right? Well not really; it does possess flavor from lactic and acid-generating bacteria that could only be included by seasoned hands. This, along with exquisite American hops, make it taste better than it sounds. 

King Sue

Toppling Goliath Brewery, Iowa

One of the most easily accessible beers around, and one of the best beers from the Toppling Goliath Brewery, is the King Sue. It’s the perfect choice for Drink Beer Day. It’s one you’d definitely want in your hands due to the Citra variety of hops that make it a standout feature on many shelves and in many fridges. Chilled, it provides a cool hit going down the throat, igniting the best of feelings when both drinking alone and consuming with eager companions. 


Live Oak Brewery, Texas

This beer is as foreign-tasting as they come. But, it might interest you to know that it’s brewed in America! Cancel you trip then, because Bavaria is coming to your hometown! This beer is modeled after Bavaria’s best and has the name to show for it. On top of that, it has touches of vanilla, banana, and clove spices that will do wonders for your taste buds. Drink Beer Day won’t have a dull moment. 

There you go! In honor of Drink Beer Day, these are the best local craft beers you can find! Of course, there’s more but who needs more when these are available? Have your fill and enjoy the day!

To survey our collection of local craft beers, head on over to Zipps Liquor; you’ll find all the local craft beer you need to properly celebrate ‘Drink Beer Day’.

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