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The best party drinks in Texas are often defined by the Texans who throw the best parties. Texans know how to make party cocktails that will keep guests sipping and smiling all night long. However, party planning is no easy feat. While it may look easy, there is an effort in thinking through the details and providing outstanding hospitality to neighbors and friends. Find out what goes into planning drinks for parties in Texas and which cocktails will make the night a success. When your to-buy list is complete, stop by a nearby liquor store to check everything off and get the festivities going. 

Planning a Cocktail Party

When planning your to-buy list for your next party, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind for a successful night with friends, coworkers, clients, family, or a gregarious mix of the lot. 

Knowing the number of party-goers is your first assignment. Once you have an estimate of the number, consider the theme. Is it somber, wild, or celebratory? Knowing the purpose of your party drinks can make a difference.  

Think of your partygoers. Do you know them well enough to vouch for their drinking behavior? Particular cocktails will ensure a reasonable time had by all. You can skip the formalities and dump the hooch by the bottle if you know all the attendees intimately. 

As an additional consideration, the time of day and time of year is also a thoughtful inclusion when determining which cocktail to serve at your party. Texans love whiskey and brandy drinks all year round, but these cocktails are often reserved for colder weather gatherings. Vodka spritzers and bellinis may be served at brunch over soirees.

Deciding on a Party Drink 

Depending on your initial planning, your signature drink may differ from party to party. Other people stick with one signature drink at every party and then provide another drink that fits the company and the theme. There is no wrong time of year for each type of alcohol, but some people associate golden and brown liquors with fall and winter but tinged and clear liquors with spring and summer. 

The number one consideration for making a good party drink is the ease of making and drinking. For a party to be a truly great party, attendees should have easy access to a delicious beverage without waiting in line. Your guests should never have to wait five minutes for a cocktail, nor should you have to hire a bartender all night. 

To ensure that a delightful drink is in the hands of your guests all night long, you must consider party drink recipes that can be made and served in bulk. This intelligent planning eliminates some specialty cocktails, but there are no actual parameters to your creativity so long as you taste test your concoction as you go. 

Preparing Big-Batched Cocktails 

The secret to those easy-breezy get-togethers is big-batched cocktails. Big-batch drinks can be prepared well ahead of time and served in various ways. Prepping all the drinks for your party the night before ensures that you won’t run out of time the day of your gathering. The other good news about innovative drink prep and service is that you can decorate the drink serving area to match the theme of your party. Drink prep also enables you to talk to guests and partake in fun.

  • Punch bowls
  • Pitchers 
  • Bottles 
  • Carafes 
  • Dispensers 
  • Jars
  • Lidded cups 
  • Cambros

Choosing Big-Batched Recipes 

When deciding which recipe to choose for your party, it is essential to remember that not every cocktail is ideal for a big batch recipe. While it is true that your party drink is only limited by your creativity, some drinks are better than others. One of the best party drinks in Texas is the Paloma. The Paloma can be made ahead, big-batched, and enjoyed by Texans and those outside the lone star state. Consider serving the Paloma as your go-to party cocktail, and then add on another big batched drink for attendees to try. Leave out cups and containers of ice for guests to prepare their drink vessels as they see fit. 

The Paloma 

The Paloma is known as the state drink for many hosts in Texas. This unofficial official drink of Texas is a shoo-in at any party. Rather than adding the grapefruit soda the night before, keep it chilled overnight and add just before the party begins to ensure that the carbonation stays bubbly. Be sure to leave out a bowl of lime wedges too. 

The Big Texan 

Strangely, the Big Texan is similar to the Paloma in grapefruit taste. Rather than grapefruit soda, prepare this recipe with fresh grapefruit juice to please guests. Basil simple syrup takes the place of fresh basil in the big batch recipe but keeps the herbaceous flavors intact. 

Watermelon Punch

This big-batch recipe is perfect for the hottest summer afternoons when you need to cool down quickly. Scoop out the melons the day before so that you can fill them with the punch the day of the party. Scoop and freeze melon balls to use as ice floaters if you wish. Mixing real watermelon pulp with white wine and lime makes for a summertime treat that guests will love. 

Texas Fever Water 

This concoction is a well-known punch variation across Texas. Other states have their take, and even within Texas, the recipe changes from area to area. No matter the details, this heavy hitter is refreshing and dangerously delicious with rum and vodka mixed with juice and mixed fruit. Be sure to serve this beloved party drink with close friends and family rather than new coworkers or clients. 

Whether you’re thinking about throwing your very first party or you’re a seasoned cocktail party pro, big-batch cocktails will help save time and satisfy guests. Start by sticking with a tried and true Texas favorite like the Paloma, and then branch out to other party drink recipes after you get your feet wet. No matter your recipe selection, Zipps Liquor has the ingredients and supplies you need for a perfect Texas night with friends.

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