The Best Vodka Cocktails to Celebrate Vodka Day


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Vodka is not just one of the best alcoholic drinks around; it also ranks among the most popular and flavored drinks for liquor lovers around the world! Vodka is guaranteed to blow you away with its alcoholic content that ranges between 45 and 55 percent. 

Most liquor lovers fall in love with this drink during their first taste of it. Accordingly, it’s little wonder why it’s highly celebrated all around the world. So, let’s take a little journey through the history of Vodka.

Brief History of The Vodka Drink 

The origin of vodka can be traced to Russia, in the 14th century. It is said that the name vodka is derived from the Russian word ‘voda’, which means water. At first, the alcoholic drink was only popular in places like Poland, Russia, and the Balkan states. After the second world war, however, its popularity began to grow in America and Europe as the renown of the liquor spread, and it was then consumed in more of these regions. 

In Russia, this drink is mostly consumed in chilled and unmixed small glasses accompanied by appetizers. Elsewhere, it is mostly used in mixed drinks because of its highly neutral nature. It can also be mixed with beverage drinks or added to cocktails for a better-flavored taste. 

About The Vodka Day Celebration

You will definitely agree that anything as great as vodka deserves to be celebrated, and what better time to celebrate the beauty of this amazing liquor than on Vodka Day? I personally can’t think of a better time!

Vodka is mostly from mixing some water with distilled cereal grains or potatoes (apparently where the name comes from). And, this iconic drink is celebrated around the world on the 4th of October every year. On this day, liquor enthusiasts take out some time to celebrate the amazing liquor with a glass or two of vodka. You too should join the celebration this year and have a drink to the world’s best alcoholic drink. Here are some vodka cocktails you can celebrate the day with: 

The Honeydew Vodka Cocktail 

The celebrations never get boring with the honeydew vodka cocktail. It has a beautiful and enticing look, coupled with an amazing taste and some good alcoholic content. You can make this beautiful cocktail with 3 parts of fresh lemonade, 1.5 parts of grey goose vodka, ½ part of premium raspberry liqueur, and 3 honeydew melon balls. 

How to make it: 

Put your glass in the refrigerator and allow it to chill. When it is chilled, add some ice until filled. Then, pour some vodka into the cup. After pouring the vodka, add a measured amount of lemonade, raspberry liqueur, and 1 or more frozen honeydew melon balls for garnishing. Your honeydew vodka cocktail is now ready to served. 

The Old Glory Vodka Cocktail 

The old glory vodka cocktail is one drink you’re sure to enjoy, especially on Vodka Day. The drink is a perfect mixture of lemon juice, island vodka, and simple syrup. It’s bound to get you into your best celebration spirit

How to make it:

Put some muddled blueberries in an old fashioned glass, top it with some ice, and add vodka to the mix. When you have done this, add some lemon and simple syrup to another mixing glass and shake it thoroughly to let it mix perfectly. Pour it into the glass of blueberries and ice, then let it chill. You can add some additional red wine to it for color.

The Glass Garden Vodka Cocktail

The glass garden vodka cocktail is another beautiful cocktail you should consider trying out on Vodka Day. The cocktail is very easy to prepare and has an amazing taste that every liquor lover would definitely enjoy.

You can make this drink by using a combination of heirloom tomato juice, muddled cucumber, fresh lemon juice, jalapeño simple syrup, etc. 

How to make it:

Muddle up 3 slices of cucumber with jalapeño syrup and add some vodka to it. Add some lemon and tomato juice to it too and shake it to properly mix. Lastly, add ice to the mixture and garnish it with a jalapeño slice or lemon swath. 

The Bloody Mary Vodka Cocktail 

One of the most popular vodka cocktails, the Bloody Mary cocktail is not one to miss while celebrating Vodka Day.

How to make it: 

Mix some handmade vodka, ice, and Bloody Mary mix in a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously for some time and garnish it as you wish. It’s that simple! 

Vodka Day is a great day for liquor lovers around the world. You should join the celebration every 4th of October with one or more of the cocktails listed in this article. 

To get all of the ingredients (and fantastic vodka) you need to celebrate Vodka Day, head on over to your local Zipps liquor store!

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