The Different Types of Rum, and How to Choose One

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There are over 100 different types of rum out there, which can make choosing one for your cocktail recipe or party a bit overwhelming. Well, as a liquor store, we thought it was simply our responsibility to educate you. So, in honor of National Rum Day on August 16th, here’s a how-to guide on buying rum.

The Different Types of Rum

There are about seven different types of rum on the market, and knowing the type you need for a recipe will make all the difference. Here they are:

Light Rum

Light rum is sometimes called silver or white rum because of its colorless, clear look. It also ages quite faster than the rest of the other rums. It’s purification process makes it one of the cleaner varieties to drink – especially in a mixed drink.

Dark Rum

Dark rum is as black as they come. It has the most intense flavor, as well as the strongest aroma. Dark rum spends a longer time in the refining and purification process, which is the reason for its color.

Amber Rum

Amber rum is sitting pretty between light and dark rum, as it’s not as transparent as the light rum and not as black as the dark rum. Instead, it has a color that is tilting towards a pale brown or a clear gold. It is often used in cocktail recipes for this reason.

Spiced Rum

Spiced rum is just a little darker than amber rum and, true to its name, it’s spicy. It has richer, bolder flavors like cinnamon, pepper, and rosemary.

Flavored Rum

Flavored rum contains different mixtures of fruits like bananas, coconuts, mangoes, apples, and citrus. This type of rum usually has the lowest alcohol volume and is the sweetest.

Over-proof Rum

Over-proof rum has the highest volume of alcohol ranging from 60% to 84% in a bottle. A song is coming to mind here… and, if you know it, you’ve probably tried it!

Premium Rum

Premium rum is for the high and the mighty, or those who just got a bonus check. It takes a minimum of 5 years to process premium rum, which is one of the reasons it costs an arm and a leg.

Find a Brand You Like

Keep your eye out for a tasting at your local Zipps! Sometimes we feature different brands of rum. Or, when visiting a new city, see if there’s a distillery to visit for a tour or tasting. Also, keep in mind that unknown brands are just as delicious as the ones that have big marketing budgets. Popularity doesn’t always equal quality.

As for price, good things generally cost more, and this rings true for rum. However, there are a handful of great brands in the mid to low price range. Find what you like and what works for your budget. Also, keep in mind the recipe you’re using! You don’t always need to stick a premium rum in a sugary mixed drink.

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Check out the different types of rum carried at your nearest Zipps Liquor Store

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