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If you’re searching for beer from Texas, you don’t have to travel far. The state has 84 counties that have licensed breweries, and it ranks 8th in the country for the number of craft breweries. Of course, the best option is to shop for your favorite beer from your nearest liquor store in Texas. Whether you’re interested in stout, pilsner, IPA, lager, or hefeweizen, Texas has every style and sub-category of beer under the sun. Sampling every Texas beer is a challenging task, but you can begin your taste test by trying these delicious selections that represent some of the most popular beers in the Lonestar state.

Karbach Brewing

Karbach Brewing beer

Karbach Brewing Co., based in Houston, Texas, is a prominent and well-respected craft brewery that has made a significant mark on the craft beer scene in the United States. Established in 2011, Karbach Brewing has consistently impressed beer enthusiasts with its dedication to quality, innovation, and a diverse range of beer offerings.

Karbach Brewing Co. exemplifies the spirit of innovation and craft in the American beer industry. Their dedication to producing a wide range of high-quality beers, their engagement with local communities, and their embrace of sustainability have helped them build a strong reputation in the craft beer world. Whether you’re a Texas local or a beer enthusiast from afar, exploring Karbach’s offerings is a delightful journey through the flavors and traditions of craft brewing.

Key highlights and aspects of Karbach Brewing Co. include:

  1. Rich Brewing History: Founded by brewmasters Eric Warner and David Graham, Karbach Brewing Co. has a rich history rooted in traditional brewing techniques and a passion for creating exceptional beers. With decades of combined experience in the brewing industry, the founders set out to bring their unique vision to the Texas beer landscape.
  2. Diverse Beer Portfolio: Karbach is known for its diverse and extensive portfolio of beers. They produce a wide variety of styles, including IPAs, lagers, stouts, pilsners, wheat beers, and more. Some of their flagship and popular brews include “Love Street Kölsch Style Blonde,” “Hopadillo IPA,” and “Crawford Bock.”
  3. Seasonal and Limited Releases: In addition to their core lineup, Karbach Brewing regularly introduces seasonal and limited-edition beers, often experimenting with unique ingredients and flavors. This approach keeps beer enthusiasts eagerly anticipating their latest creations.
  4. Quality and Craftsmanship: Karbach places a strong emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. They use premium ingredients and adhere to traditional brewing methods, resulting in beers that consistently receive acclaim for their taste and quality.
  5. Commitment to Sustainability: The brewery is dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability. They have implemented various eco-friendly practices in their production processes and actively contribute to local environmental initiatives.
  6. Community Engagement: Karbach Brewing is deeply involved in the communities it serves. They often host events, fundraisers, and charitable initiatives that give back to the local area, fostering a sense of community and goodwill.
  7. Acquisition by Anheuser-Busch InBev: In 2016, Karbach Brewing Co. gained national attention when it was acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev, one of the world’s largest brewing companies. This acquisition allowed Karbach to expand its distribution and reach a broader audience while maintaining its commitment to quality and creativity.

Lone Star Original

Lone Star beer

Some states claim to have a state beer, but Texas made it official by naming Lone Star the national beer of Texas. Lone Star Original is a classic American lager that holds a special place in the hearts of many Texans and beer enthusiasts across the country. This beer has become an iconic symbol of Texas and is often associated with the Lone Star State’s rich cultural heritage and love for tradition.

Lone Star Original is more than just a beer; it’s a cultural institution that embodies the spirit of Texas. Its history, iconic design, and loyal following make it a beloved choice for both Texans and those looking to experience a taste of the Lone Star State’s beer culture. Whether you’re enjoying it at a Texas barbecue, while watching a football game, or simply as a refreshing drink on a hot day, Lone Star Original represents the pride and traditions of Texas in every sip.

Key Features and Highlights of Lone Star Original:

1. Texas Roots: Lone Star Original was originally brewed in San Antonio, Texas, in 1883. With a history spanning well over a century, it has deep roots in the state’s brewing tradition. Over the years, it has earned its reputation as “The National Beer of Texas.”

2. American Lager Style: Lone Star Original is a classic American lager, known for its light and crisp profile. It is a refreshing and easy-drinking beer that appeals to a wide range of beer enthusiasts, from those who appreciate its simplicity to those who enjoy it as a nostalgic reminder of Texas culture.

3. Iconic Packaging: The beer is instantly recognizable by its distinctive packaging. The label features the iconic Lone Star, the symbol of Texas, which gives the beer its name. The minimalist and patriotic design has become a symbol of Texan pride.

4. Cultural Significance: Lone Star Original is more than just a beer; it’s a cultural symbol in Texas. It has made appearances in movies, TV shows, and music, further solidifying its status as a beloved Texan icon. Many Texans have fond memories of enjoying a Lone Star with friends at a local barbecue, rodeo, or outdoor event.

5. Versatility: Its light and mild flavor make it a versatile beer that pairs well with a wide range of foods, from Tex-Mex cuisine to classic American BBQ. It’s often a popular choice for pairing with spicy dishes due to its crispness and ability to cleanse the palate.

6. Local Pride: Texans often take pride in drinking Lone Star Original as a symbol of supporting local products and celebrating their Texan identity. It’s a beer that has been enjoyed at countless gatherings, cookouts, and social events throughout the state.

7. Availability: While Lone Star Original has its strongest presence in Texas, its popularity has spread to other parts of the United States. It can be found in bars, restaurants, and retail stores in regions where it is distributed.

Revolver Brewing Blood & Honey

Revolver Brewing Blood & Honey beer

Revolver Brewing’s “Blood & Honey” beer is a unique and flavorful offering that has gained a strong following in the craft beer scene, particularly in the state of Texas. This beer is known for its distinctive blend of styles and its ability to deliver a refreshing and complex taste experience.

Revolver Brewing’s Blood & Honey beer is a delightful and distinctive brew that showcases the best of Texas craft beer innovation. With its fusion of beer styles, infusion of honey and blood orange peel, and refreshing flavor profile, it has carved a niche in the craft beer world. Whether you’re a fan of wheat ales or simply appreciate a well-crafted and unique beer, Blood & Honey offers a memorable drinking experience that captures the essence of Texan brewing creativity.

Key Features and Highlights of Revolver Brewing’s Blood & Honey:

1. Style Fusion: Blood & Honey is often categorized as a Texas Ale, and it marries elements of two popular beer styles: American Wheat Ale and Belgian Witbier. This fusion of styles results in a beer that offers the best of both worlds—crispness from the wheat ale and the spiciness and fruity notes characteristic of Belgian Witbiers.

2. Unique Ingredients: What sets Blood & Honey apart is the addition of honey and blood orange peel to the brew. The honey adds a touch of sweetness and a smooth mouthfeel, while the blood orange peel contributes a citrusy and slightly tart zest that complements the overall flavor profile.

3. Flavor Profile: Blood & Honey is a well-balanced beer that exhibits a golden, slightly hazy appearance. It often has aromas of honey, orange, and wheat. On the palate, you’ll find a delightful interplay of sweet honey notes, citrusy hints of blood orange, and a subtle spiciness from the Belgian yeast. The finish is crisp and refreshing.

4. Versatility: This beer’s versatility makes it suitable for various occasions and food pairings. Its slightly sweet and citrusy notes make it an excellent choice for warm weather, but it can also be enjoyed year-round. It pairs well with a range of dishes, including grilled seafood, salads, and spicy cuisine.

5. Texan Craftmanship: Revolver Brewing is based in Granbury, Texas, and their Blood & Honey beer proudly reflects the Lone Star State’s spirit of innovation and quality craftsmanship. It has become a symbol of Texan pride and has garnered a loyal following among locals.

6. Awards and Recognition: Blood & Honey has received accolades and awards in the craft beer industry, cementing its reputation as a standout brew. Its unique flavor profile and quality have been celebrated by beer enthusiasts and judges alike.

7. Availability: While Revolver Brewing initially focused on serving the Texas market, Blood & Honey’s popularity has expanded its distribution to other states. You can typically find it in select bars, restaurants, and retail stores within regions where it is distributed.

Shiner Bock

shinner bock beer

In the little town of Shiner, Texas, the Spoetzl Brewery began brewing beer in 1909, and their award-winning Shiner Bock has been turning heads since 1913. Shiner Bock is brewed with roasted barley and German hops to produce a rich, full-flavored dark lager. It goes down smooth and has a nutty sweetness without the bitter aftertaste associated with other dark lagers. Shiner Bock was originally a seasonal beer, but after its popularity soared, the brewery made it available all year starting in 1973. Since its introduction, it’s won several awards, but its most recent win was the gold medal at the European Beer Star Awards.

Shiner Bock holds a special place in the hearts of beer aficionados, not just in Texas but across the United States. With a history dating back over a century, it has become a beloved and iconic brew that continues to impress with its rich flavor and dedication to quality.

Key Features and Highlights of Shiner Bock:

1. Historic Roots: The story of Shiner Bock begins in the small town of Shiner, Texas, where the Spoetzl Brewery started crafting beer in 1909. It’s a brewery with deep Texan heritage and a commitment to producing exceptional brews.

2. Classic Dark Lager: Shiner Bock is renowned for being a classic dark lager. It’s characterized by its deep amber to brown color, a malty aroma, and a smooth, full-bodied taste. The use of roasted barley and German hops imparts a complexity and depth of flavor that sets it apart.

3. Flavor Profile: One of the hallmarks of Shiner Bock is its nutty sweetness, which balances the maltiness of the brew. What makes it particularly appealing is its ability to offer a rich and satisfying taste without the heavy bitterness often associated with dark lagers. It’s a beer that is approachable and easy to enjoy.

4. Year-Round Availability: Originally introduced as a seasonal beer, Shiner Bock’s popularity soared to such heights that the brewery decided to make it available year-round in 1973. This move allowed fans of the beer to enjoy its distinctive flavor whenever they pleased.

5. Awards and Recognition: Shiner Bock has garnered numerous awards over the years, highlighting its consistent quality and craftsmanship. Its most recent recognition, the gold medal at the European Beer Star Awards, speaks to its appeal on a global scale.

6. Versatile Pairing: Due to its balanced flavor profile and versatility, Shiner Bock is an excellent companion for a wide range of foods. It complements hearty dishes such as barbecue, grilled meats, and Tex-Mex cuisine exceptionally well.

7. Iconic Packaging: The beer’s label often features the Shiner Brewery’s iconic logo, which includes a distinctive ram’s head, reflecting its bold and flavorful character.

Shiner Light Blonde

Shiner Light Blonde beer

Shiner Light Blonde is a refreshing and lighter take on the classic Shiner Bock, crafted by the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. This beer is designed for those who enjoy the flavor and heritage of Shiner’s brews but prefer a lighter, lower-calorie option without compromising on taste.

Shiner Light Blonde offers a fantastic choice for those who appreciate the heritage and quality of Shiner beers but desire a lighter and more calorie-conscious option. It embodies the essence of Texan brewing and provides a crisp and refreshing taste experience that can be enjoyed year-round. Whether you’re savoring it in the heart of Texas or exploring it in other regions, Shiner Light Blonde upholds the spirit of the Spoetzl Brewery and its dedication to crafting great beers that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Key Features and Highlights of Shiner Light Blonde:

1. A Lighter Alternative: Shiner Light Blonde is a member of the Shiner family of beers, and it caters to individuals looking for a beer with fewer calories and a lower alcohol content compared to its richer and fuller-bodied counterparts.

2. Classic Texan Brewing: Like all Shiner beers, Light Blonde reflects the brewery’s commitment to Texas brewing traditions and quality craftsmanship. The Spoetzl Brewery’s heritage and dedication to its craft shine through in every bottle.

3. Crisp and Refreshing: Shiner Light Blonde is known for its crisp and clean profile. It pours a pale, golden color and delivers a light and easy-drinking experience that’s perfect for warm Texas days or any occasion when you want a refreshing beer.

4. Flavor Profile: While lighter in body, Shiner Light Blonde still maintains a pleasant malt character with subtle hints of hops. It strikes a balance between providing a mild sweetness and a touch of bitterness, resulting in a well-rounded taste that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

5. Lower Calories: Shiner Light Blonde typically contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than its fuller-bodied counterparts, making it a suitable choice for those who are mindful of their calorie intake but still want to enjoy the essence of Shiner beers.

6. Versatility: As with other Shiner beers, Light Blonde pairs well with a variety of foods. Its light and crisp nature make it an ideal companion for lighter fare such as salads, grilled chicken, seafood, and casual Texan favorites.

7. Available Year-Round: While some beers are seasonal, Shiner Light Blonde is typically available year-round, providing beer enthusiasts with a dependable option whenever they crave a refreshing and lighter brew.

Shiner Seasonal

Shiner Seasonal beer

Shiner Seasonal beers, produced by the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, are a cherished tradition for beer enthusiasts in the Lone Star State and beyond. These limited-edition brews are eagerly anticipated by fans each year and showcase the brewery’s commitment to crafting unique and innovative beers.

Shiner Seasonal beers are a delightful testament to the Spoetzl Brewery’s dedication to both tradition and innovation. They offer a taste of Texas in every sip, with each season bringing new and exciting flavors to explore. Whether you’re a Texas local or a visitor to the state, experiencing the diverse and thoughtfully crafted Shiner Seasonal beers is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Texan brewing culture and celebrate the changing seasons in style.

Key Features and Highlights of Shiner Seasonal Beers:

1. Rotating Variety: Shiner Seasonal beers are characterized by their rotating variety. Throughout the year, the brewery releases special brews that align with the changing seasons and festive occasions. Each new release is carefully crafted to reflect the flavors and themes associated with that time of year.

2. Creativity and Innovation: The Spoetzl Brewery takes pride in its ability to experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques for their seasonal offerings. This spirit of innovation allows them to introduce exciting and often unconventional flavors to their loyal customer base.

3. Reflecting Texas Culture: Shiner Seasonal beers often pay homage to Texan culture and traditions. Whether it’s celebrating the state’s iconic wildflowers in the spring or capturing the spirit of the holidays, these beers are crafted with a deep appreciation for the Texan way of life.

4. Limited Availability: Part of the allure of Shiner Seasonal beers is their limited availability. Once the season for a particular brew is over, it may not return until the following year. This scarcity adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding each release.

5. Diverse Flavors: Shiner Seasonal beers cover a wide range of flavors and styles. From light and crisp summer lagers to hearty and spiced winter ales, these brews offer something for every palate, ensuring that beer enthusiasts can find a Shiner Seasonal that suits their taste preferences.

6. Community Engagement: Shiner Seasonal releases often coincide with local events and festivals in Texas, fostering a sense of community and celebration. It’s not uncommon to find these beers featured at gatherings, barbecues, and special occasions throughout the state.

7. Collectible Appeal: Many fans of Shiner Seasonal beers enjoy collecting the unique and artistically designed labels that accompany each release. These labels often feature vibrant artwork that reflects the theme of the beer, making them appealing as collectibles.

8. Awards and Recognition: Shiner Seasonal beers have received numerous awards and accolades in the craft beer industry, underscoring their quality and craftsmanship.

Velvet Hammer

Created by the Peticolas Brewery in Dallas, Velvet Hammer has been a Texas favorite since its introduction in 2011. The stunning imperial red ale combines caramel and light brown sugar notes with floral hops and a unique malt to produce a satisfying brew with an alcoholic bite. The beer gets its name from the velvety smooth taste that hits you like a hammer. With 9% alcohol, the Velvet Hammer is not a lightweight beer.

Saint Arnold Pub Crawl

To honor the pub crawl tradition they started in 1995, the Saint Arnold Brewery created the Saint Arnold Pub Crawl. It’s a seasonal pale ale made with Centennial hops at the beginning of the brewing process to create bitterness and finished with Galaxy and Amarillo hops to develop its signature aroma. Maris Otter English Pale and Two Row Pale malts add a slight sweetness to the beer, and Golden naked oats malt gives the brew a nutty flavor. Whether you’re involved in a pub crawl across Houston or simply enjoying a drink at home, a Saint Arnold Pub Crawl is a tasty beer for any occasion.

Electric Jellyfish

If you like beers with a hoppy flavor, you’ll love the Electric Jellyfish from Pinthouse Brewing. It’s a hazy IPA that sources its hops from Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe, Chinook, Ekuanot, and Azacca. The bright citrus flavor is influenced by light notes of lychee, orange, and mango. The Electric Jellyfish has garnered several awards since its release, including Austin’s Best Overall Beer in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. When you’re hosting a large event or drinking with friends, the Electric Jellyfish is a bona fide crowd-pleaser.

Han’s Pils

Using water from the Blanco River, The Real Ale Brewing Company makes exceptional beer with premium ingredients. The brewery’s Han’s Pils is a hoppy German-style pilsner dedicated to the owner Shorthair Pointer Hans. The beer was inspired by the brewing traditions of Northern Germany, and its full flavor taste with the perfect level of bitterness has made it famous across the state. The Han’s Pils was a silver medal winner in the German-style Pilsner category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2012.

Concha La Flor

Although the Islla St. Brewing has only been operating since 2019, its Concha La Flor has made quite an impression in the Lonestar state. The unconventional Mexican breakfast stout honors the South Texas Mexican culture and uses a unique coffee blend from Longroad Coffee with hints of vanilla to create a memorable stout. During its first release, anxious beer drinkers waited for hours outside of Islla to sample the beer. It’s a seasonal beer, and you have to act fast to grab a few bottles after the new batch is announced.


As the first beer brewed by Austin Beerworks, The Peacemaker made its mark on the Texas craft brewing scene with its bold flavor. It uses Centennial, East Kent Golding, and Newport hops to create an unforgettable American ale. In 2011, it grabbed the silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival. At Austin Beerworks, they do not rely on subcontractors to handle their distribution, and they deliver every can of Peacemaker to local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

Atrial Rubicite

If you’re searching for an unusual beer that’s ranked as one of the top ten wild ales in the world, you can try the Atrial Rubicite from Jester King Brewery. Unlike other popular beers from Texas, the Atrial Rubicite is aged in barrels for a year and then re-fermented with fresh raspberries. It uses only Texas malt and has notes of juniper, white pepper, and of course, raspberries. During its initial release, the Atrial Rubicite sold out in 15 minutes. Although its availability is limited, grabbing a few 750ml bottles is worth the year-long wait.

Blonde Bombshell beer

Blonde Bombshell

Since 2008, the Southern Star Brewing Company has been producing world-class beer in Conroe, Texas. The brewer’s most popular brew, Blonde Bombshell, is made from Wyermann Vienna and Rahr Special Pale malts. The ale’s light, hoppy flavor comes from Saphir and Sterling hops, and its smooth finish is attributed to the cooler fermentation temperature. Southern Star only brews its beer in cans to protect them from sunlight and preserve the flavors.

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