The Top 4 Things to Do In Nacogdoches, Texas

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Are you looking for an adventure and a chance to discover more of the rich history of America? Then Nacogdoches is the place for you!

Nacogdoches is located in the Eastern part of the state. It has so much to offer.

If you are a history or nature buff (or both) or you are looking to have a unique adventure that you will never forget, then Nacogdoches is for you. This small city has it all. From historic buildings to beautiful creeks and wild trails, to awe-inspiring legends.

Though Nacogdoches is a small city of only about 30,000 people. You will quickly find that there are a lot of places to go and activities to do.

When you first get into town, be sure to stop by the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). The friendly and helpful staff there will show you great amenities in Nacogdoches.

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Here are 4 great places you should definitely check out:

Banita Creek Hall

Nacogdoches is a quiet town and this is why it makes for a great escape from the active life of the bigger cities. But, don’t be fooled by this. Nacogdoches also has a fun and vibrant music scene and nightlife.

Banita Creek Hall is a significant landmark in the city. It is the host a lot of country musicians. If you are looking to enjoy some good old music from the best country and red dirt music in Texas, then this a location you should be heading to.

Formerly known as the Anderson Grain Building, the building features the largest dancefloor in Eastern Texas. It also has a stage for musicians performing at this foremost country music venue.

With great music, chilled beer, and people dancing, partying at Banita Creek Hall will be an experience you will be telling everyone about. Though Banita Creek Hall is a private club, anyone seeking to have a good time can visit.

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Durst-Taylor Museum

If you want to learn a bit of history while you are in the city, Durst-Taylor Historic House and Gardens is a great place for this.

Durst-Taylor Historic House and Gardens is the second oldest building in the city. It was built in the 1830s and has a lot of old-fashioned features and items to see.

The property, which serves as a museum, has an original, still functional smokehouse, a blacksmith shop, a gorgeous and serene historic garden, and a sugarcane mill.

If you are here in the city with your family in January, then you will want to attend the Sweet Tooth Sugarcane event held here annually.

Click here for directions to the museum.

Eyes of Father Margil

In the city, a search for adventure and mystery will lead you to Margil park.

Here, people come to experience the outdoors and enjoy the pristine Lanana Creek trail. They also come to see the Eyes of Father Margil, also Known as the Holy Springs of Father Margil which are several springs trickling flowing down to the ox-bow lake.

Legend has it that in 1716, Father Antonio Margil came to this location with the Spanish expedition where he founded the Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Nacogdoches.

While he was staying at the mission there was a drought in the area and other surrounding regions between 1717-1718 which caused a lot of hardship for the people. Father Margil got a vision as a result of his prayers which compelled him the next morning to go up to a high bank.

There, he struck his staff against the bank. According to the legend, the bank brought about the flowing springs now known as Holy Springs of Father Margil.

Besides this riveting legend, the trail along the springs features beautiful natural scenery for nature enthusiasts.

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Sterne–Hoya Museum

The Sterne-Hoya museum and library is the next location you will be headed to.

Located on 211 S Lanana St., the building is the oldest structure still standing in its original place in Nacogdoches.

Built by Nicholas Aldophus Sterne in 1830, and later owned by Joseph Von der Hoya, this building contains a lot of history including antiques and memorabilia from the Victorian age and various parts of Europe and a small library.

The Sterne-Hoya Museum holds a lot of treasures and stories that visitors will appreciate. David Crockett was said to have been a guest in the house at some point!

You can find directions here.

Nacogdoches may seem like a small town, but there’s actually a ton of great activities for all types here. Be sure to check out these great spots in Nacogdoches!

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