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If you’re in Nacogdoches, Texas, and want to know what other people are drinking, look no further. Find out which beers rank in the top ten for Nacogdoches beer drinkers. Some are no surprise, like Lone Star and Shiner, but a couple of high-ranking local curveballs might have you heading to Zipps Liquor to try something new. 

Fredonia Brewery 

Fredonia is right smack in the middle of Nacogdoches. In addition to a seasonal tap list and cans for sale in local retailers, they also have an exceptional beer on tap all year long. The Professional Texan is their Kölsch style ale with low hops and low malt for low bitterness and high drinkability. At only 4.4% ABV, Texans can enjoy a few of these cold ones at a cookout or the lake.

Panther Island Brewing 

Panther Island is a little up the road from Nacogdoches, but that won’t stop Texans from getting the beer they love. The Cannonball is a year-round brew that people who love to drink love to drink. This Scotch Strong Ale is a little over 8% ABV, so you’re committing to a pint of this belly washer. Despite its higher ABV and Scotch style, Texans love it because it has a super light body and is easy to drink. You can expect toasty notes of chocolate and caramel to float past as you enjoy this brew. 

Martin House Brewing Company 

Hold on to your Tyrolean hats, people. Martin House Brewing is known for its Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer. This brew is a sour Gose-style beer that is truly what it claims to be: a pickle beer. You can see why the hype is about for yourself by stopping in for a flight or a pint. You can also grab a sixer to go for just 10 dollars. If you’re feeling spicy, Martin’s also offers a Best Maid Tequila Barrel-Aged Imperial Spicy Pickle Beer. This mouthful is a sour blend that will get you a 9.2% ABV, so be careful. You can grab a four-pack of 16oz cans for 20 dollars. 

Cowtown Brewing Co

Another crispy Kölsch-style beer that Texans love is the Rhinestone Cowboy from Cowtown Brewing. German malts and Hallertauer hops contribute to a spicy, bitter, and ultimately refreshing tall pint of beer. A 6.2% ABV places it in the mid-range and should put most Texans on pace for enjoying a few cold drinks before the sun sets for the evening. 

False Idol Brewing

False Idol strikes, and a stout that Texans can’t put down is the False Idol collab with 903 Brewers. They managed to get together and create a brainchild called the Filbert Imperial Stout that has notes of, you guessed it, filberts. For the uninitiated, filberts are more commonly known as hazelnuts. The Filbert Imperial tastes similar to a chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker heaven. 

Shiner Bock 

Just because craft breweries have dominated the list so far doesn’t mean that all breweries didn’t start somewhere. It also doesn’t mean that all breweries don’t want to go somewhere big. Shiner Bock is an excellent example of a Texas brewery gone big. People in Nacogdoches Texas, and all around the state enjoy all the Shiners: Bock, Blonde, Hefeweizen, and Dortmunder Style. You can even grab an Oktoberfest from time to time. A particular favorite is the Shiner Blonde; this brew keeps it light and golden for the hot Texas heat. 

Lorelei Brewing 

Lorelei offers some of the finest Texas beers that locals love to drink, a little out of the way but no less worth the journey. Another famous stout for the cooler months comes from Lorelei. The Mer-dude Russian Imperial Coffee Milk Stout is one of their best sellers. The collaboration with Coffee Waves, the local coffee shop, provides the fresh coffee for their brewing process. This heavy hitter is 9.5% ABV so not the strongest of the stouts so far in the list but still packs a wallop. You can expect strong notes of mocha and creamy hoppy punch on the back of the palate. Texans love this stout because it’s easier drinking with lighter ABV than its stout counterparts; it makes for an excellent brunching beer. 

Saint Arnold 

Known as Texas’ oldest craft brewery, Saint Arnold is famous past state borders too. The Comeback is a Witbier that is crisp, citrusy and yeasty for lovers of witbier everywhere. This Belgian-style wit is a little more herbaceous than others offering notes of coriander and orange as the hops stay in the background of the yeast profile, typical to Belgian fashion. 

Interestingly, Saint Arnold is also famous for its secret recipe for root beer. Their brew constraints no high fructose corn syrup, just cane sugar and plenty of other secretly crafted ingredients. 

903 Brewers 

Thanks to 903, Texas has a better and brighter selection of brunch-friendly beers. 903 brings the Beermosa in a can to loyal patrons across Texas. The Beermosa is an orange India Pale Ale with a medium ABV of 6.5%. Actual orange puree adds crisp citrus flavor, while hops bring on the bitterness you love. A little carbonation cuts the whole combination, and all you have to do is wait for brunch to be in front of you. Bon appetit. 

Lone Star Brewing 

Last but certainly not least, Lone Star Brewing long ago created the Lone Star Original. Maybe the most popular beer in Texas, Lone Star is also known as the national beer of Texas. Think about that for as long as you need. Meanwhile, people all over Texas and everyone in Nacogdoches enjoy all of the Lone Star products, choosing their selection depending on what kind of occasion it is. The Lone Star Light with barley, cereal grains, and hops is perfect for a regular Tuesday afternoon. People love Lone Star 24/7 with just 2.1% ABV, 68 calories, and plenty of refreshing carbonation for a Saturday out on the water, and the Lone Star Original is as classic as it gets. 

Don’t feel like making the drive all the way to the brewery? Head over to the Zipps Liquor store in Nacogdoches, TX to find a great selection of Texas beers for whatever your occasion may be. 

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