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rv parks in highlands tx

Recreational Vehicles are popular today around the country as vacation mediums, but did you know that they originate way back as horse-drawn wagons? That’s right—the concept of an RV was dreamed up by individuals who traveled in and lived out of their horse-drawn, covered wagons throughout Europe in the 1800s. 

Since then, RV technology and amenities has clearly come a long, long way. Many RVs today are equipped with complete entertainment systems, fully-equipped mini kitchens, beds, and even washers and dryers. More than permanent, transportable homes, RVs today are widely used for long road trips and vacation stays, often at natural parks and usually at RV parks.

Here are our favorite RV Parks and resorts in Highlands, TX:

San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort

With a beautiful view over the San Jacinto Monument marking where Texas won its independence in 1836, the San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort has been consistently described as the largest, cleanest, friendliest and most luxurious RV resort in East Texas. Some 20 miles from Houston, the resort sits on the beautiful, tranquil river bank. 

This 33-acre park includes a huge fishing pier, gazebos, and even a large riverside clubhouse perfect for hosting parties. There are also pools, a spa, and luxury cottages available to visitors. Add free cable, free WiFi, clean bathhouses, a laundry center, a pet park, a playground and plenty of restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and fire and police stations nearby, there’s really no inconvenience to keep you from visiting this beautiful and relaxing RV resort. 

The park is located at 540 S. Main St, Highlands, TX 77562, and can be reached at 281-426-6919.

Scott RV Park

On the other side of home-like comfort, the Scott RV Park offers a self-described “down-to-Earth” experience. To try to offer a different experience from the big, flashy, sometimes crowded RV parks, Scott RV Park is intentionally smaller, more personal, and more intimate. It’s an absolutely fantastic place to cut back and relax in a closed-off and low-fi environment. 

The park does include a 30/50 amp service as well as complimentary WiFi. It is completely fenced in and properly gated, ensuring nothing but security. The showers and restrooms are always completely immaculate, and there are laundry facilities on site available to visitors. 

The park is at 801 Battlebell Rd., Highlands, TX 77562, and can be reached at 281-814-5815.

Houston Leisure RV

For a place that feels just like your home away from home, visit Houston Leisure RV. Reminiscent of an idyllic country scene, the calm and park-like resort is sure to be as welcoming as it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy. 

In addition to the beautiful, homey setting, visitors of the park can be sure to enjoy the park pool, the playground and the clubhouse. There’s an on-site exercise facility if staying active is part of your relaxation process, too, plus a laundry facility, picnic areas to enjoy in groups, and four bath houses. Additionally, visitors can visit the general store for anything they might need during their stay, and rest assured that there is also WiFi on site.

The park is located at 1601 South Main, Highlands, TX 77562, and can be reached at 281-426-3576.

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