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things to do in oakwood tx

Tucked away in Leon and Freestone counties is a charming little Texas town called Oakwood. Founded back in 1872, Oakwood has managed to steer clear of those big city troubles, boasting only 500 people during the 2010 population census. Small towns like this come packed with charisma, built on tightly knit communities and a pinch of small town intrigue. 

A small town by no means has to have a small list of things to do while you visit. There’s plenty of magic and fun in exploring and discovering what communities like Oakwood have to offer. Here are our picks for some of the best things to do in Oakwood, TX. 

Here are our three favorite things to do in Oakwood, TX: 

Grab a Bite to Eat

If there’s anything especially magical about going out to eat in a small town, it’s that that small town charisma is present in every detail of your experience. Go to the same place more than once, and the chances are you’ll be welcomed back when you come in. Take a bite of your meal and you’ll feel that the cook isn’t just preparing something that’s on the menu, they’re plating with love.

In Oakwood, this is no different. And if there’s one type of food that’ll really get you feeling that sense of community, it’s soul food, and Kyndall’s Café is the perfect place to stop by and feel right at home. From crunchy fried chicken to delicious ribs and mouthwatering burgers, there’s no doubt you’ll be leaving the place with your heart as full as your stomach. 

You’ll find Kyndall’s Café at 1798 US Highway 84, Fairfield, TX 75855, and can reach them at 903-389-3252.

Wine, anyone?

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and there’s nothing like a bit of company and a good story to go along with a nice glass of wine. Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus can offer that and more. This quaint Texas winery has all of the country magic you might expect from a place found off the beaten trail, and all the southern hospitality to go along with it. The wine served here is made locally by the very owners of the place, with all of the grapes grown in Texas and about 70% of them from their personal vineyards. Call ahead and they’ll even cook you up a juicy steak along with your cup. 

Make sure to catch the owners, as they’ll lead you through the tasting and tell you stories of their life and the origins of the winery. It’ll be a night of good wine, good food, and even better conversation. Make sure to call ahead before you make the drive out there. 

Enjoy the Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus at 2442 AN County Road 2133, Palestine, TX 75801, or call ahead at 903-538-2950.

Get a Little Nerdy!

Who said learning couldn’t be fun? A short drive into Palestine will take you to the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF), a NASA research facility. Research balloons are scientific tools used for research in meteorology, astronomy, and even military research. Maybe even more importantly, they’re really cool to watch go up!

Drive out nearby to watch these big balloons go up to collect important data. Set up a picnic nearby or just lay down and look up. Definitely, a relaxing way to enjoy a little bit of science. 

You’ll find the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility at 1510 FM-3224, Palestine, TX 75803.

After a day of enjoying these fun things to do in Oakwood, TX, stop by Zipps Liquor in Oakwood to pick up your favorite brand of beer, wine, or liquor!

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