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bars in nacogdoches tx

Nacogdoches is a city rich in history, often touted as “the oldest town in Texas.” The city has stood firm under nine different flags, operating under Spanish, French, and American control at different times in history. Since it’s also the home of Stephen F. Austin State University, if you’re interested in finding a place to crack open a cold one, there are plenty of fun, unique bars in Nacogdoches, TX.

Here are some of our favorite bars in Nacogdoches, TX:

Nine Flags Bar

Located inside the Fredonia hotel at 200 North Fredonia Street Nacogdoches, TX 75961, Nine Flags Bar is a rustic, industrial-style bar that offers an upscale experience. While visiting Nine Flags, enjoy the great food, the fantastic drinks, the game on any one of the big TVs, and the refreshing outdoor poolside patio.

Those nine flags that have flown over Nacogdoches are the namesake of the bar, of course. From the mark of Spanish territory to our familiar Old Glory, Nine Flags even offers a special cocktail for every flag to have claimed the town. The handcrafted cocktails are all delicious, without a doubt. 

At Nine Flags you’ll regularly enjoy live music and bartenders that really know their stuff—what’s not to like? Make sure to stop by and explore the history of the territory through those carefully crafted flag cocktails.

You can call the bar ahead with questions at (936) 564-1234.

Headliners Sports Bar

Not every bar has to be armed to the teeth in the newest gimmicks and flashy lights. Sometimes, a good old, familiar place with a little spunk and spirit is all we really need. If you’re looking for a place with authentic personality, check out Headliners Sports Bar.

This local watering hole is equipped with a couple of TVs, a few pool tables, and a super friendly community environment where—wait for it—everybody knows your name. Okay, maybe not your name every time, but patrons are usually regulars, and there are no perceived “strangers” here. The bartender keeps a great environment going for everyone in attendance and makes some mouth-watering drinks. 

Head over to 3801 North St #10 to see why some locals call Headliners home. You can call the bar ahead with questions at (936) 560-3822.

Macklemore’s Ale House and Bistro

Sometimes, a good beer spot can be found hidden inside a larger establishment. Macklemore’s is a full on restaurant and bar, and it’s in that bar that the bartender is absolutely legendary. What’s more, Macklemore’s has the largest selection of beers in the area, too—if they don’t have it on tap, they’ll probably have it in a bottle. 

And though it will surprise you, the whole Ale House started as nothing more than a class project before the founders decided to make some dreams come true. Now, the place offers an enormous beer selection, some of the best craft beer in the area, top-of-the-line bar service, and a cool, refreshing atmosphere that is welcoming to all ages. 

Swing over to 2304 North St to find your new favorite craft beer and to get some good grub while you’re at it. You can call the bar ahead with questions at (936) 205-9183.

Sportshack’s Bar and Grill

Like we said before, Nacogdoches is a college town: home of the Lumberjacks. And fittingly, the Sports Shack is a pretty standard college town bar. It has a fun atmosphere, good service, a few pool tables, and it serves as a great place to sit down and watch the game. 

What sets the Shack apart from the standard? Their amazing kitchen. The food coming out of this little bar and grill is absolutely fantastic, from the tacos to the po’boys. This not-so-well-kept-secret is what qualifies the Shack as a “must visit” gem for in our minds.

Head over to 4601 North St to see what all of the fuss is about. You can call the bar ahead with questions at (936) 205-4282.

Cowboy Jack’s Saloon

Remember how we mentioned you’ll have some really colorful options? Here’s one. As the name might suggest, Cowboy Jack’s Saloon is a saloon-styled bar and grill that literally greets you with swinging doors and a hostess in an 1890s-styled dress. 

The Saloon offers a relaxed environment that, very appropriately, is All-Things-Texas. They are completely stocked with local Texas beer and liquor to make the saloon theme even more authentic. As far as the food goes, there are plenty of new ideas mixed in with more traditional Texan recipes, and the desserts will really give you a masterclass in southern comfort. 

Feel free to visit the saloon at 422 E Main St—just leave your dueling pistols at home. You can call the bar ahead with questions at (936) 305-5365.

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