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restaurants in navasota tx

Take a quick look at a timeline of Navasota’s history and it might seem like it’s been snatched right out of a classic Western movie. Dangerous saloons, gun slinging cowboys and criminals, and a sheriff to come and place order by force.

Once characterized by a history of shootouts and outlaws, Navasota has flourished into a city championing blues and culture. Naturally, a location with such an exciting and active history has come to house many interesting and exciting sites, among them, great restaurants. 

When you’re looking to grab a bite, here are the 5 best restaurants in Navasota,TX:

Mallett Brothers Barbeque

Did somebody say barbecue? Well, yes, we did say Texas—and you can’t have one without the other.

Mallett Brothers Barbecue is the place to go for classic Texas barbecue in Navasota. The owners and brothers, Chad and Greg Mallett, have been avid fans of cooking since they were kids, and honed this ability at parties and gatherings year after year. After many years of practice, the Mallett brothers brought their dream alive of serving their homemade dishes to hundreds of lucky customers every week. 

Mouthwatering ribs, delicious po-boy and catfish sandwiches and buckets of domestic and imported beer is waiting for you at Mallett Brothers Barbecue. Is there any reason NOT to swing by? 

You’ll find the restaurant at 9339 State Hwy 6 in Navasota, TX, 77868, and can call ahead at 936-825-9440.


The Western Steakhouse & Dancehall

The Western Steakhouse & Dancehall is where you go in Navasota to get your fix of true, real country and western swing music. Equipped with a huge hardwood dancefloor and some big-name artists, not a single moment will go by that you aren’t at the least tapping your foot to the groove of this dancehall. 

Apart from having the best country dancing scene in the city and the coldest beer around, The Western Steakhouse & Dancehall offers some of the juiciest steaks, unforgettable frog legs, and delicious sandwiches and burgers. A visit to this steakhouse is nothing but a great time every single time. 

You can find The Western Steakhouse & Dancehall at 9524 Highway 6 Loop South in Navasota, TX, 77868, or call ahead at 936-825-9070.

M Bloomers Café

Martha’s Bloomers is a quaint plant nursery and gift and home décor shop. Even more magical, it’s home to the absolutely fantastic M Bloomers Café. The place is adorable, the service is impeccable and, of course, the food is absolutely incredible. Every salad, soup, and sandwich is delicious—you’ll be going back time and time again to try everything, we can just about guarantee it! 

The absolutely gorgeous greenhouse in the middle of the building makes for a relaxing venue, too, whether you stroll throgh before or after sitting down at the café to enjoy your meal. Hidden away from the city, this gem is nothing short of magical. 

You’ll find the café at 8101 Highway 6 Bypass Navasota, TX, 77868, and can call ahead at 936-825-7400.

Las Fuentes Steak & Grill

Texas, of course, doesn’t bring up pictures of barbecue and brisket only. Its next door neighbor shows up a whole lot in the culinary culture—we’re talking about Mexican food! 

Las Fuentes Steak & Grill is a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Navasota offering delicious parrilladas and some killer margaritas. What really sets this place apart, however, is the buffet. From the amazing fried and baked fish to the classic tortilla soup, this buffet will have you serving up plate after plate until the food coma wins you over. 

You’ll find Las Fuentes Steak & Grill at 8731 Highway 6 Loop, Navasota, TX, 77868, and can call ahead at 936-870-3401.

Classic Rock Coffee Company

For a particularly niche and cool experience, visit the Classic Rock Coffee Company. The place is self-described as a “cross between a record store, a music store, a coffee shop, and a rock museum.” With fantastic coffee, a wonderful atmosphere and great music—not to mention some amazing food—you’ll surely be leaving the place ready to go right back in. The waffles, sandwiches, tea, coffee, and the blues—everything hits the spot just right. Be sure to visit to see just how enchanting this little gem is. 

You’ll find Classic Rock Coffee Company at 129 E. Washington Ave. in Navasota, TX, 77868, and can call ahead at 936-727-5613.


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