Top 5 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks


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The most notorious New Year’s resolution is undoubtedly to lose weight. For those who like to drink but are trying to lose weight, these low-calorie alcoholic drinks are delicious and lower-calorie than most alcoholic drinks.

Whether you’re trying to finally kick off those love handles this year, keep a beer belly at bay, or just look for proactive ways to keep your body toned and in shape, watch your alcohol intake. Many drinks – especially sugary cocktails – can be secret killers for a diet. We’re looking at you, Piña Coladas! Piña Colada can have up to 68 grams of sugar per drink, which is like drinking two cans of coke or eating multiple Reese’s peanut butter cups. Check out that article linked from Spoon University for a list of some of the alcoholic drinks with the highest sugar content. 

But there’s no need to give up alcohol in the New Year just because you’re going on a diet! Instead, try out these top five low-calorie alcoholic drinks:

Top 5 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Mojito with No Syrup

Do you love mojitos? You don’t have to necessarily give them up if you’re trying to lose weight. An average mojito comes in at around 168 calories give or take. You can cut out some of those calories by not using simple syrup in your mojito. Ask the bartender to make your mojito with light rum, extra lime juice, extra mint, extra soda water, and just a touch of cane sugar, or even Sweet n Low or Stevia. Or, make your own mojito at home with soda water, mint, lime juice, light rum, and a little cane sugar. Getting rid of the simple syrup makes the drink under 100 calories.

Spirits with Diet Chasers

Chasers, such as coke and ginger ale, are often come packed with extra calories and tons of hidden sugar content. The easiest way to avoid extra calories while drinking is to opt for drinking or sipping the spirits straight, rather than diluting them down with extra chasers! Spirits usually come out around 65 calories each, totally manageable and totally cancel out after a quick 10 minutes on the treadmill.

If you really can’t go without your rum and coke, then consider switching over to a chaser that is better for your waistline. Instead of going for regular coke, opt for a diet coke or coke zero, which can provide the bubbly texture you’re going for and some additional flavor, all without compromising the hard work you’ve put into your diet.

Vodka Soda

By opting for zero-calorie seltzer water, you’re really sticking to your diet. A shot of vodka comes in at around 97 calories, zero of which are carbs or sugar according to Women’s Health. Plus, the bubbliness of seltzer water makes it easy to trick yourself into thinking you’re getting something tastier and less basic than you really are. If you’re like me and think vodka sodas are a bit bland, try adding a squeeze of fresh lime to add a bit more flavor to the drink.


If you’re doing your body and physique a solid by sticking to lower calorie alcoholic drinks, why not reward yourself with one of the most delicious ones? A glass of champagne usually comes in at just under a hundred calories (when the pour is reasonable, mind you). It’s sweet and the perfect thing to sip while you daydream about all the new swimsuits you’ll be fitting into in no time.

Light Beer

Light beer exists for a reason! People who want to cut out some calories but don’t want to give up beer, I have good news for you. Miller 64 is just one light beer that has – you guessed it – only 64 calories, which means you can have one or two without feeling too guilty.

For all of the ingredients (or straight spirits) you need to stick to your New Year’s resolution and get into shape, head on over to your local Zipps Liquor!

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