Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Conroe, TX

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Tell me, please, what is a trip to Conroe without tasting any Mexican food?

I’ll tell you: it’s an incomplete one.

There are many great Mexican Restaurants in Conroe, TX to choose from. That said, it can cause quite the headache deciding which one is best—but you don’t want to miss out. That’s why we’ve decided to help. Here’s our handpicked list of the 5 best Mexican restaurants in Conroe, TX.


Fajita Jack’s

Going to Conroe, TX without visiting Fajita Jack’s could be considered a felony. Just kidding. But seriously, if you are looking for where you can find great food, great service, and a great atmosphere all in one, Fajita Jack’s is your best bet. The servers are attentive and informative, the menu is superb and the view is ever-so-amazing. Try out these tasty Mexican restaurant; you won’t regret it!

Margarita & Peppers Mexican Grill & Bar

Margarita & Peppers Mexican Grill & Bar is loved by the locals and a repeated “must-go-back” destination for visitors. The food is fantastic, the customer service is top-notch, and they serve the best-of-the-best margaritas. Food prices are on the low side, too, especially considering the quality (and quantity) of food you get. It’s also a great site for large groups and families with children.

Rancho Grande

Although Rancho Grande might have the look of a one-of-many restaurant on the outside, don’t be deceived. On the inside, the restaurant is packed with countless dishes, features and experiences that will keep you coming back. The prices here are on the low side, also, and the service is both fast and friendly. Try the salsa here, because it’s fresh and delicious. There is also plenty of space to park your car so you can get in right away.

Rana’s Mexican Grill

Okay, Rana’s Mexican Grill might be small, but if at all anything they overcompensate with serving both original and authentic Mexican food. This one is particularly popular with the locals. The food here is always fresh and steaming hot. Note that this is not a fast-food joint, so while service is great, it moves a little slower since everything is made to order. Prices are reasonable, but again, it’s not a fast food joint, so come in and expect to pay for a legit meal out. It will be a treat you remember.

Mestizos Mexican Café

This is one of the fanciest Mexican restaurants in Conroe, TX. As you come in from the spacious parking lot, you’re met with an eye-catching structure paying tribute to cultural gems of Mexico. Inside, the walls, décor and even the plates are all harken to Mexico, too. The free tortilla chips keep your mouth watering for the fresh and spicy food that is to come. The servers help you make the right choice with the menu, which is great, especially if you’re trying out more authentic Mexican food for the first time. Mestizos is especially great for family outings and hangouts with friends.

Wherever you go for Mexican food in Conroe, after you finish your meal or pick up take-out, you can stop by one of our 4 stores in town to pick up some beer, wine, or liquor and top the night off! See you there!

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