Top 5 Restaurants in Magnolia, TX

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They say everything is bigger in Texas, but dare we say everything tastes better in Texas, too. We’ll even go so far to say this is especially true in Magnolia.

A visitor-friendly town, Magnolia sports a large number of restaurants that offer a wide variety of delicately-prepared (and equally delicious) food options. In case you’re searching for a quick guide for the best restaurants in town, you’re in luck!

Here’s our list of the best five restaurants in Magnolia, TX: 

1. Magnolia Diner

Searching for a family-friendly diner with a retro vibe? Look no further than Magnolia Diner, where they dish out amazing burgers, hearty breakfast options and many other Texas-sized dishes in the 50s-style diner setting. The combination of their delicious food and reasonable prices makes them a favorite spot for budget-conscious visitors and Magnolia residents.

2. Grace’s

A truly emblematic American restaurant, Grace’s is particularly known for its contemporary diner setting and spectacular customer services. It’s especially well-suited for hosting birthday parties and special occasions, as well as a night out with that special someone. Be sure to try out the Joanne Oxtail Ravioli or Chicken Tortilla Soup—they’re highly recommended, and we’re sure you won’t regret you did!

3. Haras Restaurant

The combination of internationally-inspired cuisine with (of course) the infusion of southern flair makes this restaurant one of a kind. Among the menu’s familiar options and comforts, the old-timey treasures you’ll find here (like oxtails, collard greens and ham hock) are the platters that will truly hit the spot.

4. The Republic Grill

The food here at the Republic Grill follows in the old Southern tradition you know and love, but you will be so pleased to discover that the menu is also trending with a growing emphasis on lean, fresh and organic fare while still keeping with southern conventions! Feel free to try out their shrimp and grits—it’s topped with a tasty tasso sauce and loaded with locally-netted white shrimp that are positively unmatched in flavor.

5. Brick and Brews

This restaurant has a variety of tasty and unique dishes. Famous for their uniformly blackened brisket, you can also imagine those chopped poblanos folded into speckled flour tortillas, topped lusciously with pickled nopales. Smell those forkfuls of borracho beans and “Chicharoni Macaroni” (mac and cheese dusted with fried pork skins). Delicious! Hungry yet? This is how the Brick and Brews barbeque looks and smell. You’ll have to come in to experience how it tastes—and, of course, to sample their impressive variety of beer options. It truly doesn’t get better than that.

Order take-out from one of these tasty restaurants and swing by your local Magnolia Zipps Liquor to pick up your favorite alcoholic drink of choice!

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