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The town of Montgomery, Texas (not to be confused with its Alabama namesake) prides itself as one of the oldest towns in the state. The small, rustic town has its own flavor of quaint and demure characteristics but is also very rich in history. It’s nicknamed the “birthday place of the Texas flag,” in fact—a contribution the community takes a great deal of pride in. 

Another cultural gem that is sure to please (whether you’re a visitor or a local) is that there are a ton of great restaurants in Montgomery. With so many choices, however, you might have a hard time deciding where to spend your hard-earned dining dollars. If special care is not taken, you might miss a local favorite, or worse, have a less-than-pleasant experience.

To save you some time looking for the best restaurant, we decided to make a list. Here are our picks for the top five restaurants in Montgomery, TX.

Cozy Grape Wine Bar and Bistro

This is your choice restaurant if you’re in search of a good restaurant with an extensive and excellent wine and beer list. To go with it, their food menu features internationally-inspired cuisine presented with a unique Texan spin. They have a beautiful dining environment suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining. If you are aiming for a restaurant with a comfortable and casual atmosphere, a nice selection of local and international wine and beer, plus the very best bistro-inspired cuisine in Montgomery, Cozy Grape Wine Bar and Bistro is the place to go.

Phil’s Road House and Grill

Are you searching for the best restaurant for a taste of that renowned Texas BBQ? Phil’s Road House & Grill is arguably the best Montgomery has to offer. They feature all-time southern favorites: steaks, ribs, brisket, country fried steak and fried chicken. And don’t miss out on their incredible Raspberry BBQ Sauce, which is simply a delight! Make sure to place a call ahead because this is a very popular place and can get busy at lunch and dinner hours.

Walden Hatch Club

This restaurant is located in a lovely setting on the waterfront with expansive views of Lake Conroe. The locale is well-known for impeccable service, divine ambiance, and delicious food. They specialize in dishing out upscale food in a fabulous environment. If that’s what trips your trigger, a visit to the Walden Hatch Club will have you wanting more!

The Pizza Shack

Hungry for a good, old-fashioned pizza with all the delicious toppings? Well, as the name implies, the Pizza Shack is all about this American favorite. Don’t expect a fast-food-style meal here, because everything is homemade, delicious and served by a friendly and efficient staff in a lovely dining setting. They have amazing meat and vegetarian pizzas, and as for their garlic bread and salad bar…you’ll be happy you chose The Pizza Shack.

Lakeside Restaurant and Bar

Looking to impress that special someone? Look no further than Lakeside Restaurant and Bar if you’re searching for a world-class dining experience with amazing food and a beautiful ambiance. Highly recommended for a romantic dining experience or formal business meetings where there’s a need to dazzle, Lakeside Restaurant and Bar is your best high-end option in Montgomery. 

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