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Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas, and home to many delicious restaurants to boot. To save you from scouring through all of them, we listed our top 5 favorite restaurants in Nacogdoches, TX:

Auntie Pasta’s

Auntie Pasta’s serves up more than just delicious antipasto (sorry, I had to make that pun). But seriously, they specialize in chicken dishes such as chicken piccata, chicken alfredo, and chicken parmesan. Plus, if you’re visiting Nacogdoches for the history, then you can’t miss Auntie Pasta’s. It has a rustic feel and is located right next to a busy railway – transporting you back in time. This building was part of the first refrigerated warehouse in the United States west of the Mississipi! It used to hold groceries, and those groceries were stored in the same building that you’ll be eating in. In sum, Auntie Pasta’s is the perfect place to get your fill of both history, and delicious Italian food.

Clear Springs Restaurant

If American cuisine centered around seafood is more of your style, then you won’t want to pass up the Clear Springs Restaurant. They’re renowned for their fried catfish and thick-cut steaks, but they cater to vegetarians too! They also have delicious hand-breaded onion rings that serve as the perfect appetizer or side for any protein preference. This restaurant also has a history behind it; it was originally used for storing cotton in the 1870s. It also served as a dance hall and saloon – the only ones of its kind for miles and miles. When you eat here at the restaurant, you’re eating in the old dance hall! At Clear Springs Restaurant, they’ve gone out of their way to ensure the history of this building is preserved.

Dolli’s Diner

Dolli’s Diner has less history behind it than the two restaurants already mentioned. But, what it lacks in history it makes up for in terms of affordability and tasty eats. It’s a casual environment that serves up heaps of large portions among a great atmosphere. The service is fast but also sincere. My recommendation would be to eat a big serving at Dolli’s for brunch.

Butcher Boys Smokehouse

Old fashioned hamburgers. Homemade chicken-fried steak. Hand-cut ribeyes. Slices of pie. If you’re not convinced yet, know that the Butcher Boys Smokehouse is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Not only is this place a restaurant that serves up delicious food, but it also doubles as a meat market, with additional meat options for purchase. Plus, they can do custom smoking for you! If you’re brave enough (and hungry enough), they also have a burger eating contest (a giant burger eating contest). In fact, the burger is bigger than most peoples’ heads!

The Jalapeno Tree

Last, but certainly not least, we have The Jalapeno Tree. This restaurant serves up Mexican and Southwestern food, making it a cuisine that stands out from the others. Their kitchen makes all the orders from scratch, to ensure that you’re getting the freshest food possible. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and are now an integral part of Nacogdoches. They have burritos, quesadillas, some Mexican favorites, and also an American menu so everyone can get something they’d like.

Nothing finishes off a good dinner quite like an alcoholic nightcap at home afterward. Swing by the local Zipps in Nacogdoches to pick up wine, beer, or liquor.

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