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The city of  Bellville, Texas is located just an hour east of Houston Texas. It has a range of shops, tasty restaurants, and beautiful bed & breakfasts. Bellville, Texas is known as the “Belle of the Bluebonnet Country” because of its amazing wildflower display. With a population of over four thousand, this small town has a lot to offer. If you are in the area, then we have you covered. Here are the top five things to do in and around Bellville, TX.

Newman’s Castle

This castle is everything you think it is going to be. Owner Mike Newman had a dream of building his own castle, and that dream became a reality in the small countryside town of Bellville, Texas. Built-in 1998, Newman’s medieval castle features a 3,000-pound drawbridge, a beautiful courtyard, a stunning chapel, and a grand dining hall.

Tours are given six days a week, but you must have a reservation. Tours start at the bakery, which is just a few miles from the castle. Before you head out, grab a pastry from a variety of tasty treats from donuts to quiches and more.

Huff Brewing Company

This family-friendly country brewery is a great place to unwind and sprawl out. Visitors can enjoy seeing farm animals on open fields and revel in the fresh breeze that passes through. Seating is limited, however, so bring your own chairs. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable of not only the beer but about the brewery’s history as well. Enjoy a cold beer on tap and enjoy the view from Huff Brewing Company.

Hempstead Country Inn & Suites

This country inn sits on a beautiful ten acres of land. It is located just five minutes from town and is full of character. The rooms are fully carpeted and have king or queen beds. Visitors can even have their hand at BBQing on the inn’s deck, which features relaxing chairs and umbrellas. The owners are exceptional hosts that pay attention to detail and are happy to show any visitor what true Texan hospitality looks like.

Holland Street Gallery


The Holland Street Gallery showcases over 160 local artists in and around Bellville, Texas. The gallery showcases all art forms from paintings to pottery, and more. They even offer art classes for all ages. Take a jewelry-making class or make an oil painting. Embrace your creative side and experience the art scene in Bellville, Texas.

Bellville Meat Market

It’s a meat lover’s paradise at the Bellville Meat Market. Opened in 1981, this full-service meat market has a vast array of delectable and award-winning BBQ. Their pecan-smoked BBQis a combination of simple yet quality ingredients and locally produced meat that is slowly smoked for 14 hours over natural pecan wood logs. 

Escape the busy city for the countryside of  Bellville, TX. This city has a lot to offer, from a large medieval castle to a memorable meat market and a scenic brewery.

While you’re there, visit the Bellville Zipps Liquor. There you will find a large variety of drinks at affordable prices and a whole lot of texas hospitality. 

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