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The Woodlands, TX is filled with fun activities. One activity you won’t want to miss out on is checking out some of the wine tastings in and around the town. There are plenty of places to try wine and discover new wine. We’ve put together a list of our top five wine tasting places near The Woodlands, TX:

Wild Stallion Vineyards

No list of wine tastings in The Woodlands, TX would be complete without mentioning Wild Stallion Vineyards. They host weddings, concert series, and just general wine tasting. Wine tasting hours are from 12 – 5pm most of the time (sometimes closed for special occasions). This doesn’t give you a huge window, so plan accordingly. 

These vineyards are owned and operated by a family, and was opened in 2009. They have plenty of white wines to try, ranging from the semi-sweet Blanc Du Bois to the Dry Moscato, plus a handful of reds as well. Wine tastings include your choice of 5 wines to sample.

Gadela Winery

Some wineries go for a very chic, industrial feel with minimal aesthetic and minimal ambience. Others, like Gadela, create a warm and welcoming environment with activities like karoake! They’ve been making wine for nearly two decades.

Their wine tasting is great because they offer an extensive variety of wine. For reds, they have Merlot, Shiraz, Amarone, and many more. For whites, they have Riesling and Sauvignon blanc. They also have an ice wine for some chilled dessert.

The Gadela Winery tastings are $10, and include 8 different wines to try. No reservations required.

However, they are only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, so be sure to check out their website for exact hours.

GenuWine Tasting Room

Located just outside of The Woodlands in Magnolia, TX, the GenuWine Tasting Room also serves as a restaurant and live music venue. It serves up lunch, dinner, and weekly music! Plus, this tasting room is loved by locals; it was voted one of the top three Best Bars in The Woodlands! In their tasting room, you can try out more than 200 unique wines. They also have menu items like cheese boards, salads, and gluten-free pizzas. 

This spot was opened in 2010 by two ladies that saw how this area was missing a place where residents and tourists alike could hang out or host meetings. Each week they feature a specific wine as the ‘Pick of the Week’. When you stop by, make sure to ask what the featured wine of the week is!

Old Town Spring Tasting Room

Some of the local wine tasting places have live music, others have karaoke, but no others have painting or movie nights! Plus, the Old Town Spring Tasting Room even does costume parties for Halloween (no, it’s not too late!). They host a spread of Texas wines – dry, fruity, and seasonal types! Their hours are more flexible than many of the other tasting rooms for wine. They’re only closed on Monday, and are typically open from 11 am all the way until 7 pm.

Blue Epiphany Vineyards

The Blue Epiphany Vineyards are relatively new; Only created in 2017! Yet, it is still Conroe’s first winery. This is a great place to try out wine, and they have a large selection to choose from. We recommend coming here if you’re with a big group. They have plenty of outdoor and indoor seating in addition to live music and other events. 

The tasting room has wooden tables, large ceilings, and walls layered with brick, giving it a casual, chic feel. The winery is open every day except for Monday and Tuesday. Hours vary depending on the day, so make sure to check their website before you head out there.

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