Top Five Things to do in Magnolia, TX

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Much of the time, when we pack our bags to go on a trip, we aren’t exactly sure of what we intend to do in the places we plan to visit.

This can sometimes result in a disappointingly long amount of time spent in hotels or Airbnb apartments. Than instead of having as much fun as we should.

So, before you go on a trip, it’s nice to have a list of suggestions for activities to do or places to see. If you are ever in Magnolia, Texas, there’s plenty of things to do. Here are five amazing things to do in Magnolia:

See the Magnolia Trees

Magnolia got its name from the abundance of Magnolia trees that grow there. So if you are ever there, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see the beautiful piece of nature the city was named after. If you have the chance, be sure to isten to the stories surrounding the trees and the naming of the city. There are a few myths that must have been cooked up by the locals, which are as interesting as they are likely untrue.

Visit the High Meadow Ranch Golf Club

You do not need to know how to play golf before you visit a golf club. You can learn while you are there, laugh with the golf players, and have a few drinks when you are done attempting to golf. Meet new people at the ranch and enjoy the view of the large expanse of green land staring right at you.

Visit Unity Park

This is both a wildlife reserve center and a play park for everyone. So, if you are big on human interactions, this is a good place to have conversations with others. There is also a small creek that flows through this park. If watching quiet waters flow is a thing for you, you can indulge yourself here. If you need to know about the city, there is a tour guide in Unity Park willing to give you history lessons. And If you attend community events, all the information regarding the events can be found at the park as well.

Visit the Magnolia Stroll

This is a leisure spot for pretty much anyone. On the other hand, if you decide to burn off some calories by taking a jog in the morning while in Magnolia. This is the place to do it. The best part is, you would not be running alone as the locals run there as well.
There are restaurants along the way, so you can go back there after your run to grab a quick breakfast and then proceed to sit on the low walls and read a book or strike up a conversation with a local. You can also take an evening stroll and reminisce about beautiful memories while taking in the cool evening breeze.

Take a Drive to Houston

Magnolia, TX is a short drive from the city of Houston. You do not have to remain in Magnolia for the whole vacation period. You can simply take a short drive to Houston and check out the scenery and activities there as well. Maybe, visit the famous peaceful Houston river and commune with your thoughts!

Catching the travel bug is an amazing thing, but the most important part is knowing exactly what to do to have fun in the places you visit. It’s always a bummer to spend too much time in your hotel room because you weren’t sure what to do.
Now you know what to do if you are ever in Magnolia, TX. Check out these activities, take interesting pictures, and make sure you take a souvenir as a keepsake to remember your time there.

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